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Top Mobile Cell Phone Manufacturers in the world – Best Leading Mobile Cell Phone Manufacturers

Mobile Cell Phones are demand of the time. Life without a mobile cell phone may not be easy today. Whether you are a student, businessman, serviceman or housewife, you just can’t imagine a comfortable life with a mobile cell phone.

A mobile phone is also known as a handphone, wireless phone, cell phone, cellular phone, cellular telephone or cell telephone.

A Mobile is basically used for voice or data communication over a specialized network. In addition to voice and data communication, modern mobile cell phones also supports additional services, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, Internet, gaming, bluetooth, infrared, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video, MP3 player, radio and GPS. Traditional mobile phones telephone keypad but more advanced and modern mobiles may also have separate key for each letter or even a touchscreen.

Here are the top 25 Largest Mobile Cell Phone Manufacturers around the world:

  1. Alcatel : Alcatel-Lucent is a global telecommunications corporation
    Alcatel Logo

    Alcatel Logo

    with it’s headquarters in Paris, France. It provides telecommunications solutions to service providers. Alcatel builds the next generation networks, delivering integrated end-to-end voice and data communications solutions. Alcatel-Lucent’s vision is to enrich people’s lives by transforming the way the world communicates.

  2. Apple : Mobile cell phones from apple redefines
    Apple Logo

    Apple Logo

    what a mobile phone can do. With its Multi-Touch interface, iPhone 3G from apple has just brought about a revolution the mobile cell phone market. It has features to satisfy your demand for music, video, sms, mms, e-mail, internet and almost everything you can imagine. It almost like a mini computer in your hand.

  3. AudioVox : AudioVox and mobile are synonymous. Established in 1965,AudioVox Corporation is manufacturers of Cell Phone, Cell Phone
    AudioVox Logo

    AudioVox Logo

    Accessories. AudioVox is one of the world’s major suppliers of wireless communications products, mobile entertainment and security products and consumer electronics products.

  4. Benefon : Benefon, now, GeoSentric is a mobile telecommunications company founded in 1988 and headquartered in Salo, Finland. Benefon
    Benefon Logo

    Benefon Logo

    specialises in the manufacture of mobile phones with inbuilt GPS navigation. Benefon offers business solutions, comprising mobile devices and software, are scalable and easy to deploy.

  5. Danger : Danger, now a part of Microsoft’s new Premium Mobile Experiences (PMX) team, is a group within the Mobile Communications Business (MCB) of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. Danger mobile handsets softeare developer bringing rich consumer experiences in communication,
    Danger Logo

    Danger Logo

    media sharing, entertainment and personalization.

  6. First International Computer, Inc. – FIC : First International Computer, Inc (FIC) is a world leader in the design and production of computer motherboards, PC systems, notebooks, mobile solutions, and other
    FIC Logo

    FIC Logo

    electronic devices. FIC not only provides end-to-end total solutions but also provides product customization, containment based re-branding and the opportunity to channel business.

  7. Hagenuk : Hagenuk is a subsidiary of Atlas Elektronik, and is a supplier
    Hagenuk Logo

    Hagenuk Logo

    of internal and external communication systems. They are manufacturers and suppliers of Phones, answering machines, big button phones, mobile, Bluetooth etc.

  8. Handspring / Palm Palm is an innovator of asy-to-use mobileproducts including Treo and Centro smartphones, handhelds, software, and accessories. Palm is a manufacturer and supplier of both GSM
    Palm Logo

    Palm Logo

    CDMA mobile phones.

  9. HTCHTC Corporation, formerly High Tech Computer Corporation, is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of primarily Microsoft Windows Mobile-based portable communication devices and gadgets. HTC designs, manufactures and markets innovative, feature rich touch phones, PDA phones, smartphones, and mobile computer devices.
  10. Kyocera : Kyocera is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative cell
    HTC Logo

    HTC Logo

    phones, camera phones, pc cards, cell phone accessories, software and more.Kyocera offers leading-edge mobile phones and accessories for both business and consumer usage.

  11. LG Electronics : LG Electronics is a manufacturer and supplier of consumer electronic products including mobile cell phones. LG Mobile Phone (LG Cell Phone) is stylish, sophisticated, and state-of-the-art. Several LG Mobiles have Award-Winning Design & Features, Chic Design & High Tech Black Label and Latest Tech Features.
  12. Mitsubishi : Mitsubishi entered the mobile market with the brand name ‘Trium’. Mitsubishi mobile phones are harder to find now because the company has decided to stop making cell phones. However, they are still available at some mobile stores.
  13. Motorola : Motorola is a manufacturer and suppliers of phones, accessories, digital entertainment devices, wireless access, voice and data communications devices etc. Motorola manufacturers both GSM and CDMA mobile phones.Motorola is a well known brand well known for its Mobile Phones, Accessories, Walkie Talkies, Cordless Phones and other communication devices.
  14. Sprint Nextel : Sprint Nextel has everythingfrom cell phones to family plans, Sprint has the mobile phones, calling plans and all that you need to communicate with your beloved ones. The company owns and operates the third largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, with 50.5 million customers, behind Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility.
  15. Nokia : Mobile and Nokia go together. Nokia is the world leaders in mobile phone manufacturing and is a leading supplier of mobile and fixed telecom networks including related customer services.
  16. Panasonic : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  17. Philips : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  18. Research in Motion – RIM :World renowned for the revolutionary blackberry mobiles phones.
  19. Sagem : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  20. Samsung : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  21. Sanyo : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  22. Sendo : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  23. SHARP : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  24. Siemens (now BenQ) : Manufacturers and suppliers of all kinds of mobile cell phones.
  25. Sony Ericsson : Sony Ericsson is one of the top, global, mobile cell phone manufacturer and supplier around the world.

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