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  1. Avatar Roshan says:

    hello sir! I’ve a vodafone945 mobile set. And its not supporting hindi fonts on it what should i do. Help me plz

  2. Avatar GOPAL says:

    Sir i joined the mobile repairing course but its not use full my money and time also waste they did told about IC also and software also not explained. But your gave a lot of information thanks for the good information!.. i learnt a lot.. i need to know also about how to flash any mobile phone.. will you help me about this also? I will share this information others also.


    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Hi: For flashing, you will need a flashing box and a computer or laptop. Flashing boxes are available as all-in-one and also for individual brands like Samsung, China Mobile Phones etc. I will try to write on this topic very soon.

  3. Avatar deepak says:

    very nice application

  4. Avatar Gabal Babaji says:

    I want to know how to load software to mobile phone and flashing. Please help me.

  5. Avatar Cyprian says:

    I am a computer hardware engineer and i like electronic a lot, always look for a way to update my knowledge. thanks so much for what i learn from this site

  6. Avatar Alhagie S. Jallow says:

    I have been doing mobile repairs fro years but never known the things i learnt here on the parts and their functions and the different components, using the multimeter etc.
    Thanks for taking me to another level.

  7. Avatar eka says:

    can not see anything about the software tool.

  8. Avatar Junior says:

    sir may you help me on how to flash my nokia lumia 620.its always freezing when ever i try to unlock it

    • Santosh Das says:

      You can do it only if you have the software box and the software. If you don’t have, then get it done by any professional.

  9. Avatar Hidayath says:

    Ray: Kudos to you buddy! you have done such a splendid job by creating this website…

    I am sure like me, it has helped many young mobile technician or aspirants…

    Keep up the good work bro!

  10. Avatar kaushal says:

    sir my nokia 7210 supernova mobile phone not strat it show white screen and switch off then i would find its solution from net “flashing of phone” then i flash it,it was start and work properly then after 1 month my phone off in switch on then it same thing will happening with my phone then i am again flash my mobile but i am not flash properly my nokia 7210 supernova mobile i stop the process of flashing and now my phone not start or not flash again please sir please help me

  11. Avatar HAYATUR RAHMAN says:

    this website help for all mobile technician holder how not solved the problem

  12. Avatar Ranjan says:

    wow,this is amaizing website for all the mobile technician.

  13. Avatar kunus ahoo says:

    Sir,i can use a nokia5200 phone.i can’t do reset.becuse, that password 12345 is not acsepting.pls tell me how to reset it.

  14. Avatar Shah faisal says:

    I,v been repairin mob since 1 year.but i was feeling my self as m n class k.G.now after reading this cite i feel as i have coverd years distnce in a month.

  15. Avatar Reynold Rufon says:

    Pls give the right or very helpful software use in mobile phone repair thanks.

  16. Avatar Sanju das says:

    W.B , ASANSOL.

  17. Avatar Sanju das says:

    I am very happy . Ami bengali . Amar mobile repairing sekhar khub ichcha kintu bari theke sikhache na amar valo lage amake keo sikhate [email protected] santosh da.

  18. Avatar amarjeeth says:

    sir i want to know about the keyboard my mobile x2 123 buttons are not working please solve my problem

  19. Avatar richard urassa says:

    thanks for the good ideas!.. i learnt a lot.. i need to know also about how to flash any mobile phone.. will you help me about this also?

  20. Avatar Vinay Kumar Singh says:

    Dear Sir
    This is a very usefull site for youngesters who do not have high education or unable to get a job. I also one of them. I do not have practical knowledge. I want to be a mobile technician. Should i take praction or this site is enough. This is about my carrier pls reply me.

    Vinay Kumar Singh
    +91 9935120287

  21. Avatar guru says:

    i want to learn How to upload a device software in mobile. And about flashing.

  22. Avatar Ra Aarav says:

    i want to learn how to upload device software in mobile (basicaly chinese mobiles) and about flashing

  23. Avatar vivek malviya says:

    how to upload device software in any mobile and i want to learn about flashing

  24. Avatar Mk Dhiman says:

    It is so good for new trainee i thanks 2 admin

  25. Avatar olawale says:

    how can i get mobile phone software tools

  26. Avatar Anup says:

    Waw!!! This is a good tutorial for beginners and cellphone lovers……..

  27. Avatar javith says:

    Hi, iam javith better use this application mobile phone parts and reset tips and more no satisfaction need software kit update details method soon update and many phone reset code update please!

  28. Avatar Sachin Kshirsgar says:

    this is very good for new trainee & student also Thanks to the developers of this site

  29. Avatar Avik majumder. says:

    I will give 500 stars out of 5 stars.
    I have a shop, and i am a mechanic of cell phones too. This application helps me a lot. Thanks to the developers of this app and the whole team.

  30. Avatar deepak more says:

    knwolageble information

  31. Avatar arvnd says:

    can u say about. how to nokia mobile reset

  32. Avatar madhnagopal says:

    very informative task

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