Sections and Parts Inside a Mobile Cell Phone

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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17 Responses

  1. Avatar Jitendra kumar mandal says:

    It most be helpfull site for solve in mobile repairing .thanku bhai.

  2. Avatar Atingane Francis says:

    I am new to this course and am sure it is going to help me a lot

  3. Avatar jb says:

    Good work. . . helpful to me

  4. Avatar Akissi Simon Yaw says:

    Just wanted to put up a thorough research lesson on all fields of technology. It’s my desire to bring “something” new to the world. I will move the world to any level.

  5. Avatar Asjid says:

    Santosh sir how to find out the whether point of sim in short through analog multimetre..??

  6. Avatar Sano says:

    Thanks you Mr Santosh Das. We appreciate the knowledge you give us here.

  7. Avatar vivek yewale says:

    hello sir, my name is vivek. how to find power ic, rf ic, cpu, blutooth ic, wifi ic

  8. Avatar Waqas says:

    Brother mare pas huawei p8lite phone ka camra open kerta hn tu.lehka ata hai.third party use camera such as torch.plz close and try again.
    So plz help me what’s problem .and tell me it’s solution.

  9. Avatar salifu says:

    in my mind this is the most important aspect of becoming a good technician. The issue is that each phone comes with its own topology or design. so Mr. Santosh, what is the secret of identifying these components on any type of mobile phone pcb e.g galaxy s3, htc one m7 etc? thanks

  10. Avatar sanju bankar says:


  11. Avatar Satish says:

    Thanks to u this very help ful to me

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