Secret Codes for Android Mobile Phones

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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  1. Avatar sushil says:

    sir mere lava phone iris349s main koi app nahi chal rahi hai file se koi app agar open karte hai to person error show karta hai. main phone resat kar chuka hu. so please help me

  2. Avatar saran says:

    i want iphone home botton 5s With finger print sencer

  3. Avatar tapiwa zhou says:

    thank you it helps a lot from zim

  4. Avatar S/kawu says:

    Hi thanks it’s helpfull

  5. Avatar Jaman says:

    Sir how could i know is that my mobile original or duplicate. It’s sony xperia xzs.

  6. Avatar Vikas says:

    Good job

  7. Avatar faraaz says:

    sirr mobile 4g main main convert krne k lie ye code 4636 wala >> phone info >> preferred network >> lte only but ye okk hotaa nii wahii 3g yaa 2g lg jatii hyy ..YouTube main to logoon k change ho rhe han mobile micromax a37b

  8. Avatar Shafqat says:

    helo sir 4636 code dial krne k bad phone information open ni band on off krne ka koi or tarika bata dy

  9. Avatar cosmos says:

    Please the link provided below does not show up any information.please can you give me a link to follow the apps sir

  10. Avatar cosmos says:

    The codes does not work on my galaxy s3, please am a teachnitian who lives in accra ghana west africa

  11. Avatar Kasim sulthan says:

    Really I like very much .thank you @santhosh sir ..

  12. Avatar Tarun Singh says:

    Hi Santosh, this is interesting to know that such codes exists. I was not aware of most of these. Yeah i know one *#06# that is used to know IMEI no of mobile. But others are new to me.

  13. Avatar Haroon hashmi says:

    Hello sir ….

    How to bypass google account verification after reset factory in andriod……

    Whats are the tools online or any other software for pc

  14. Avatar arjun jaiswal says:

    My name is. Arjun I have a LYF 4002 smartphone but when I start it it shows like ” your phone Will shut down in 15 second” and after that phone is getting switch of I have reset mobile ,softwere updated since mobile is getting switch off is there is any solution for this

  15. Avatar Sanjay Singh says:

    I have a samsung 7102. it restart when i connect charger or power on.I do flash many time but it is not OK.tell me sir what is problem in this phone.

  16. Avatar karamjeet singh says:

    Hi Santosh ,

    i have a LG nexus 5x mobile which is now having bootloop issue. i had gone to authorized service center and they had asked me to change the motherboard which costs around 10 to 12 k which is quit waste of money. So I had searched over the internet detail about this issue and found that if we resold the processor chip on the motherboard it will be fixed. (as shown in many videos on youtube) so can you please suggest some place in NCR where this can be done.

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Disassemble the Phone. Buy some GOOD Quality FLUX (Rs. 50/-) and apply all over the PCB. Blow Hot Air using Hot Air Blower from some distance over the PCB and the Problem should get solved. Do let me know.

  17. Avatar John Patterson says:

    Too many pattern attempts. I have tried numerous times to log on using my google account with no success. tried to find factory reset using volume up and power but although this accesses a menu list factory restore is not one of them. By pressing emergency call this brings up a dial pad with I can enter the secret code but what then? If I enter the normal send button this brings up ” this is not an emergency No.” error. The phone is a cubit C7. Please help John

  18. Avatar fanuel mlambo says:

    Dunns mobile smarty has pattern forgotten. What can l do

  19. Avatar Ukpai ugochi says:

    Please sir I am a phone technician, there is an opsson tablet it’s charging itself, I have done both hard reset even service even the charging port yet the problem continue.what will I do next

  20. Avatar othman wazingwa says:

    Thanks it is helpfull

  21. Avatar jude Ejuh says:

    Sir. Sorry i want to take you slightly away from this topic but i think its important since the device in question is android based. The question goes thus: What can be done to make a Mikona MHTMID-B718DC8-P for playing games to work as it should. The problem is that it does not boot. It keeps booting and will not come up. I suspect the memory card that has some apps in it is damaged and so its behaving this way because read from the card. How can a new card with the apps be replaced. Thanks for your attention

  22. Avatar Reneesh says:

    How to identifying dammaged component using multimeter ,

  23. Avatar Karthick says:

    Sir, when I put my SIM into slot 1 than my mobile was not power on than with out SIMand out SIM slot 2 immediately on (Samsung gt e2232) dual SIM

  24. Avatar Karthick says:

    This is wonderful website to learn cell phone service

  25. Avatar pego says:

    If i try to access the codes in my nokia windows it reply that sim card is not inserte, it gives ermegency call option.

  26. Avatar sunil says:

    how can i change language on lava p7+, it writes chinese and i have no idea about chinese language?

  27. Avatar Polite says:

    Great job thank you so much

  28. Avatar mishyck says:

    how can i reset phones if i have forgotten security codes or passwords??

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Perform hard data reset on the phone. This will wipe off all data in the phone. You will have to simultaneously press a combination of buttons depending on Brand and Model of your phone. Perform a Google Search for Hard Reset for your Model of Phone.

  29. Avatar Tammy says:

    How do you use the secret codes if you can not even acsess the dialpaid.?

  30. Avatar Stephen K Meleki says:

    I would like you to supply me all the necessary tools to use in a Phone repairing shop. I intend to open a professional phone repairing shop. Please send me the prices of all the tools needed to open my shop.

  31. Avatar ankit says:

    Mobile me software kaise kiya jata hai laptop se

  32. Avatar N~BEST says:

    Thank u very much sir for ur wonderful,,interesting and inspiring info, may the almighty pay u in a million fold according to passionate desires. Thank u. I am a newbie in mobile phone repair, and i will appreciate ur support if u could assist me with modern of repairing all kinds of smart phone @ease. Thanks

  33. Avatar Bilal hussain says:

    So gud software sir..i am happy that some one is happy to help some one help with no money taking…thnks sir u r great

  34. Avatar waseem says:

    I cannot express my feelings in words just say a big thanks to you Sir.
    Just keep good work going on

  35. Avatar Dr S D Mohan says:

    Hi Sir, I am using android version 4.2.2 Sony. I tried using the secret code *#*#4636#*#* but nothing happens.

  36. Avatar Tariku says:

    how to use secret codes by dialing or in the message form?

  37. Avatar Cristian rey says:

    This is very helpful for me as a student. Thanks a lot.

  38. Avatar Ann Mathew says:

    I have karbonn A9s its volume is very decrease so help me out

  39. Avatar verus says:

    What code can I use or option do I have to pattern unlock a Dixon wifi tablet? Please help

  40. Avatar vipin says:

    sir PCB me track kaise check kiya jata hi

  41. Avatar fahmi says:

    I had mistakenly write the number * 2767 * 3855 # .how can the ways to unwind phone … please respond

  42. Avatar Ali Tuli says:

    nice job

  43. Avatar Pardeep says:

    I lik this

  44. Avatar cleo says:

    its really useful

  45. Avatar pulak says:

    i get very good help.thanks

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