Parts of a Mobile Cell Phone and Their Function (Big Parts)

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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  1. Avatar Mpho Muthubi says:

    Which part of the cellphone do the work of displaying information on the screen and how does it really work?

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Earlier it used to be Display IC. Now everything is integrated in the Processor itself.

      • Avatar Mpho Muthubi says:

        I have a crazy idea about image displaying and,if explored,could add a feature on new cellphones and revolutionize imagery.Would you Santosh Das,be available for a collaborative venture? I could visit you in your country and see to its development and mass production. Your positive response could be a game-changer.

  2. Avatar Daikho says:

    Please recommend me a good institute for mobile hardware course

  3. Avatar mahbub says:

    my LG G3 screen gets blue or black or blinking . which part has problem ? thanks for helping.

  4. Avatar Deepak gaur (b.voc) says:

    Thak you for the information you are giving us,we appreciate having guys

  5. Avatar Shivkumar devangan says:

    Sir ji mujhe mobile repairing sikhna hai. Aapka sahyog chahta hun. Kya aap Meri madam karenge

  6. Avatar Jordan says:

    What do i do if i try to charge my phone but the end piece is missing

  7. Avatar david says:

    i appreciate but can i get some of ur tools shipped to Nigeria?

  8. Avatar SWAPNIL ADEP says:


  9. Avatar RK singh says:

    My Samsung note 4 sometimes boots, sometimes doesn’t. For rebooting second time, I have to wait and remove battery.. Keep de-energised for some time then restart but it is not stable. Please advise

  10. Avatar Dauda says:

    I have tecno c5 with lines on display sometimes shows well and brings back that lines whats the problem

  11. Avatar Jay Hilaga says:

    thanks to all

  12. Avatar AK says:

    Sir is it possible to design our own PCB layout for a feature phone. If so please elaborate about the same as I want to do a DIY project of making a feature phone.

  13. Avatar Abdr Razaq Ibrahim says:

    Sir, thanks for displaying your wealth of experience, may God augument your knowledge.

  14. Avatar james says:

    Its very helpful….thank you sir

  15. Avatar Mr T Matthews says:

    What are all of the minimum required components to make a call to a pre-determined phone number? Please help as i am trying to invent a device using minimal components to answer a call and call back a pre-programmed number

  16. Avatar Abhishek kumar says:

    Sir my doesn’t open some tacnician say their mother board in issue plz help

  17. Avatar BUHARI ADO MUHAMMAD says:

    my Sony Ericsson can’t turn on… because I plug charge and it goes off. but when I unscrewed it the PCB (engine) works

  18. Avatar victor wambua says:

    my phone gone crazy and it will connect to internet at some places and other it will not i have tried all the tricks i know as i am an it guy but all in vain am not much conversant with the internal internet parts of an android phone and that is why trying to learn here what could be the problem . help me

  19. Avatar Ashley says:

    Im looking 4 a screen 4 my mobi cell phone and the shop I brought it from pepe cell can’t help what must I number 0626717345

  20. Avatar munyi says:

    how do i identify the charging ic of nokia e500? Thank you.

  21. Avatar Patrick says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student of Mobile Phone repair and that is how I have landed on this website.
    Indeed, without a doubt, this is such an edifying platform for all! Beginner or professional.
    My questions is about a BLU phone

    It is BLU ENERGY X2
    it shows that it is capable of 3G/4G network preference but,
    When I try to choose that option, my sim card goes off, as if it is in airplane mode.

    What could I do to make sure that I also use 3G/4G internet other than only settling for 2G :(?

    Thank you and I’ll be glad to receive an answer.

  22. Avatar lucy zimba says:

    l have an inote phone my daughter put it in her mouth and after some minutes it stop working , it displaces everything but it is not respond to any touch. so what the problem and how can l overcome such problem ?

  23. Avatar Stedvance says:

    Hello Sir,I come from Kenya and i’m really getting technical knowledge from you,however;i dont know the Constant temp…that i shud use while using a Hot air blower that won’t destroy the PCB.

  24. Avatar mohan says:

    I have lenovo k3 have some network issue sometime low network,sometime no signal,some time network fluctuate…

  25. Avatar mohan says:

    sir I have lenovo k3 note’s network fluctuate ..sometime full signal,low signal sometime no service..

  26. Avatar arvind kumar says:

    Sir, my blackberry mobile is ON and sometimes work it self like calling, application open, and could not operate by me then what problem is

  27. Avatar vanessa says:

    thank you sir for this info, im a student of Electronics Engeering Technology and it really helps me a lot.. thank you sir.

  28. Avatar matienga Vincent says:

    Laptop Lenovo ThinkPad T500 is showing black screen. Which component is fault

  29. Avatar Dabah Andrew says:

    how to repair Samsung dead phone

  30. Avatar Yesenia says:

    Hello, thank you for the vocabulary terms. I didn’t read anything about faults being that the screen will stay blank(black) but the phone is still on and notifications light is still on. Would you be able to tell me what part or name that would be causing that? Thank you in advance!

    • Avatar Yesenia says:

      I got the screen to turn on, but now there are vertical colorful lines all over the screen especially if the background is black.

  31. Avatar Timoh m says:

    Thanx much

  32. Avatar M. Torik says:

    What in the component powders to save the amount of electricity formed as a component if it is different materials can be made as flexible connecting between the LCD and the machine mobille or if it could be partially to light in the LCD make it more efficient expenditure of funds manufacture, including light LCD speaker & microfen …….

  33. Avatar Adana tujuba says:

    tnx! It good thing

  34. Avatar Mustapha Waziri says:

    gud website

  35. Avatar akif ansari says:

    My cell phone when on then we add the charger when we remove the charger then it will be switch off sir , please give solution my cell name Samsung keypad E1200T

  36. Avatar James Offori says:

    I like this site, because I can learn more about cellphone’s here

  37. Avatar Abdulrahman Abid says:

    It is a great site for all thank u very much

  38. Avatar DeeYen says:

    I have a LG G3 which went ‘Blue Screen’ one fine day. Since it is out of warranty, I got it repaired at a local service center. The repairer said that he has replaced one of the ICs and resoldered. After resetting, the phone was on Android 4.2.2 and is not getting updated to latest OS like Marshmallow or Lollipop. What might have gone wrong?

  39. Avatar ASHIM KOJAR says:


  40. Avatar ASHIM KOJAR says:


  41. Avatar Jeanne says:

    Hi sir,i wanna ask what would be the problem on htc m9,it wont turn on or show anything.but if you put the charger there is a red light that blinks then stop after 1 min.i tried the master reset but it wont work.what should i do to repair it?

  42. Avatar Trish says:

    I put the inside of a contract phone with a shattered screen inside a prepaid phone both are the same type of phone. I thought by doing this the prepaid phone would now be the contract phone and I would be able to activate it however it is still asking for payment when trying to make a call what part of the phone did I not switch out to cause this?

  43. Avatar shalini r says:

    it is useful and helpful..

  44. Avatar Abhishek Patel says:

    Hi, I’m not able to hear people’s voice properly. Sound is too low to understand. Kindly let me know how to get it fixed at home. It’s LENOVO s660. Please also let me know a good website to purchase required part.

  45. Avatar obaydor says:

    I am very happy to see your page. I want to talk with you for future aim. My name is Obaydor. I m a teacher. my email Id is [email protected]

  46. Avatar Krishna bhandari says:

    hello sir…….I am from Nepal…..and I had a problem !!!!MY Samsung galaxy trend plus got water damage;so how can I solve it???

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Disassemble the Phone and Clean the PCB and all other Parts with IPA or Alcohol or Petrol and Leave it to Dry. Assemble Back and your mobile phone will be OK. You can watch my video on how to Disassemble and Assemble Back a Mobile Phone.

  47. Avatar mohanteja says:

    thanks for the information you are giving us,we appreciate having guys

  48. Avatar mahden says:

    ser may I know your article about changing the display of any other mobile phone.?

  49. Avatar UTECH says:

    I must say a every big thank you for the posts, they are good blessing to me and I took my time to enjoy them, but can we use blower to heat screen touch separation and 2 I have that is counting below the powering voltage in a DC power supply thanks for helping Sir

  50. Avatar bilchan says:

    i also see your video in youtube ,,,nice sir

  51. Avatar Ronnie says:

    Hello sir
    I am really big fan of your blog and your site is very useful for beginner as well as specialist of mobile repairing technicians
    But I have one question for you…
    Please write blog on software related problem in mobile cell phone and all tools which is required for it.
    Thnxk for all

  52. Avatar Ahmed Saad says:

    Good day sir, I have been going through your writings/articles and is very helpful most especially to those engaged in mobile phone repair specialist.I do specialises in iphone and ipads repair and find it very difficult to deal with the glue that comes on iphone pcb at times you might damage the board from powering in the process of removing or Desoldering some ic’s on the pcb and secondly I was wondering if you can explain parts and their function in iphone most especially iphone 6, quide and equipment or machine to use in iphone/ipad pcb repair thank you and more grease to your elbow

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Hello Mr. Ahmed: I like and respect your question. You questions are excellent. Yes, the glue is called SMT Glue and is very-very has very strong bonding. There are machines available to remove these glue but the machines are very expensive. I will certainly write an article on this glue issue and parts inside iPhone and their function.

  53. Avatar kin says:

    But lemme ask you sir, are we able to change the gsm, cdma into 3g or 4g? by only repairing it.

  54. Avatar COM. IB ADESHINA says:

    How do I get text book on maintenance & repairs of gsm?

  55. Avatar COM. IB ADESHINA says:

    wonderful work very helpful 10QU

  56. Avatar mangopi says:

    thanks for the information you are giving us,we appreciate having guys

  57. Avatar ali says:

    thanks sir for such a great knowledge for mobile phone repairing.
    sir plz upload complete software repairing for all mobile sets.i am waiting.thanks again sir you are great.

  58. Avatar chandru says:

    my micromax unite a 106 is not working properly in morning , evening and night time. it works in day time .what was the problem. please reply me

  59. Avatar Abdul Sayid says:

    God bless you for your wonderful article.I do appreciate it.we look forward to more from you.

  60. Avatar Yahaya says:

    thanks for your guidance!

  61. Avatar Pour choisir says:

    Please let me know if you’re looking for a article author for your site. You have some really good posts and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d really like to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please shoot me an e-mail if interested. Regards!

  62. Avatar innocent says:

    very gud job ,ts helpful

  63. Avatar rock says:

    This site good but need improvement..i.e,faults are given here but why that faults arises are not given.for example,if there is any fault in antenna switch no networks it says but it not says why fault arises in antenna switch.By adding which means the site is 100% okay i think soo…

  64. Avatar salim says:

    I search many website but this is awesome

  65. Avatar Ato willie says:

    Am very happy with the lesson, Thanks Good day

  66. Avatar The illuminator says:

    thanks !!! doubtless you are people , and wisdom abides in you

  67. Avatar OAKES says:

    this is great guys was jus looking for this great stuff about repairing mobil phones your diagrams are easy to understand send us more stuff guys thanks

  68. Avatar mutethia says:

    which phone is this i cant follow diagram with mine .

  69. Avatar ranjan says:

    nice n helpful.

  70. Avatar MRM Arakani says:

    Bro,in my Symphony B2 there I can see a headphone logo and can’t remove it,I wanna help about that….

  71. Avatar MRM Arakani says:

    Awesome page to learn awesome repairing knowledge…and so many thanks to you…

  72. Avatar BARYALAY says:

    Hi tanks for your this site now i am very happy because i can solve my broblem

  73. Avatar sanjib says:

    sir how to change nokia 3200 display

    • Santosh Das says:

      It is same as changing display of any other mobile phone. I have already published an article on how to change / replace mobile phone display.

  74. Avatar Alazar kebede says:

    It is good i like it

  75. Avatar gopalm64 says:

    Super brother pls upload more

  76. Avatar gopal says:

    Thanku very i learned so much.

  77. Avatar Godwin says:

    I really gain alot from, God bless

  78. Avatar ayaz ali says:

    i liked this site so much and i got alot of guidance from this.

  79. Avatar P.Monagarashu says:

    Thnx i got more info it’s very useful for me

  80. Avatar Ocaka Mike says:

    Thanks for the simplified guide on mobile phone repair


  81. Avatar tharanga says:

    thanks. i like this site

  82. Avatar mohammad yamin says:

    i like your repairing system and i hope you will release more videos and audios.

    • Santosh Das says:

      Thanks for your visit and appreciation. I will certainly write more articles, and will upload more useful photos and videos related to mobile cell phone repairing.

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