No Sound in Mobile Phone Speaker Problem and Solution

Santosh Das

Santosh Das is an Engineer, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, and electronics manufacturing tools, equipment and consumables. Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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145 Responses

  1. Leanne says:

    Hello, the main sound when making or recieving a call on the Samsung mini is not working. Only works on loudspeaker and earphones. Any idea what the problem may be ? I thank you !!

  2. Jasho says:

    I have a problem ringer work but speaker not working in sansui R3 mobile

  3. selvakumar says:

    Sir, my mobile index cloud q11 music and video irregular sound but calling sound all good what solution sir help me

  4. selvakumar says:

    Sir, anyone android mobile dead check easy way how to check solution

  5. BALA MOHAMMED says:

    Sir, i really need your help i have Tecno L9 Plus after the system upgrade no sound from the main speaker if i play music or video, sir what is the solution please ??

  6. Cooly says:

    Sir micromax q402 speaker no sound. The speaker is good. Please solve it,

  7. Srikant says:

    Wash the board with isopropyl then heat it with hot hair gun, still not getting the sound then replace it with the new one.

  8. salisu says:

    please sir, my name is Salisu from Nigeria…I’m currently experiencing an issue right now in my infinix hot 4…all audio sound keeps playing through my ear speaker instead of my loudspeaker….when I make calls, its from the normal ear speaker but when I put the call in loudspeaker, the sound increases but still keeps on coming from the ear speaker….I dunno if someone is also experiencing this same issue…I’ve searched for solutions online but I haven’t found any luck….please can you help me..please

  9. Osama Jalaluddin says:

    Dear Sir there is a problem of sound in my infinix hot4 pro. When I watch videos then I hear very low sounds after full volume also. Then how can I increase loudness of sound. Please help me Sir.

  10. somit says:

    sir I can’t hear the music but when I play ringtone it’s sounding

  11. ajinkya says:

    Sir speaker is not working

  12. Abhi karanjia says:

    Let le2 x526. When i switched onn then it’s shows eui optimising apps 1of 1 or 1of 4……..earlier it wasn’t happened…can u fix this problem.

  13. Selvakumar says:

    Samsung model e1200y buttons all working good but other man call me cannot answer and automatically call end solution tell me sir

  14. Santosh Das says:

    Get the Sound IC Checked.

  15. Aneesha says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have a gionee S6S mobile. There is no sound/ring tone heard when a call comes or if i play a video. On the other hand, while talking to someone on call i can clearly listen. Can you help with what the issue is in the mobile?

  16. usman says:

    Sir my mobile nokia X speaaker is ok in calling and loudspeaker but not woks in music and audio video

  17. Venkatesh says:

    Hiii Santhosh,
    I have some problem with my phone lenovo a 7000
    When i call somebody, i will be able to hear their vice correctly but they are not able to listen my voice.
    is there any settings problem.
    Please let me know regarding this sir ?

  18. sourov says:

    Sir i am using micromax canvas juice 2 sir my speaker is not working and when I am inserting earphone it just showing its symbol but the sound inside the earphone is not coming sir what should I do ..plz give me a solution..

  19. Abhishek says:

    Sir I’m having some trouble while calling sometimes my phone gives very slow sound sometimes it works little bit slower . Even when I changed setting to loudspeaker the same problem I’m facing.. I have tried to reset and hard reset. There is no improvement

  20. Mohd Ali says:

    Dear Santosh,
    I have a problem in my GIONEE A1 device there are 2 speaker space below the phone but i realize that in my device sound comes from 1 side only when i cove that side sound goes down to minimum level. is there a speaker problem please guide how to fix this issue.

    • Santosh Das says:

      I think there is Only One Speaker. The other side is either just blank or Mic. There are many such phones. Check out some Review Videos of Gionee A1 on YouTube and you will understand.

  21. Surya says:

    Hello sir, my Micromax loud speaker only works during call. And during music or any other meadia playing there is no sound from it and earphones . please help me

  22. Nitish says:

    If i Call somebody the volume is too low and i can’t hear properly what he is saying….. But if i play video or music the sound is normal…i need solution for this

  23. Anurag says:

    Sir my Coolpad note 3 lite speakers and headphone are not working. Mic is working fine. How to repair it’s sound ic. Please help

  24. Sanji Songa says:

    hallo sir
    big up for helping pipo, my problem is with a chinese android phone called spreadtrum p8. the sound from the main speaker does not come out, and vibration gone also. some times i hear it when after a failed phone call. but when calling the earpiece is fine. when i plug in headphones no sound but the phone plays sound through bluetooth headphones/speakers. i have tried factory and hard reset….any suggestions

  25. Kb says:

    I have micromax e313 sound comes when i play music even i connect the earphone ..some time it comes for sec ..also autobrigtness is not working..all problems occured at a time..plz help

    • Santosh Das says:

      Reset the Phone and Reload the OS. Is the problem is not solved then your Speaker and the 3.5mm Earphone Jack are Damaged. replace them.

      • Kb says:

        I knew that something is wrong with earphone jack… Thank you for the suggestion sir I’ll definitely try… I hope this will definitely work for me…

  26. Anand Shyamriwal says:

    Dear 1 phone has came for repairing with no sound model Gionee ctrl v1 i have removed the headphone socket but could not get any jumper can you please help to shootout the problem. thanks

  27. jai says:

    Hi Das,.
    My Vivo Y51L have a problem the caller can’t hear my voice,is there any settings u can advice or the microphone is not working,plz let me know.

  28. Sandeep Narwal says:

    Sir what is the problem in mobile phn if only outgoing and incoming volume not here to other person and his volume listen clearly to me

  29. Gurkirat says:

    When I am doing call from my mobile to another mobile the sound is not coming my sound is going to him,I have changed my speaker also then also it is not working.

  30. SUBRATA MANDAL says:

    I have a lava x11 set.

  31. Harvinder says:

    I have a Google pixel first generation. All three mics, the earpiece speaker and the main speaker are not functioning. Cannot place any call or record any voice.

  32. shelley daubney says:

    Whenever loudspeaker is used during call the other person can hear a heartbeat sound. No problem with receiver or audio
    Thank you

  33. nawaz says:

    sir my intex aqua note 5.5 loud speaker suddenly stops no ringing no audio touch sounds coming after restart again its working but after some time again sound not coming whats the problem

  34. Yvonne says:

    my phone doesn’t play music I can make and receive call perfectly but doesn’t ring out it only vibrate what do I do?

  35. Jeff Thomas says:

    I have a LG V10 and it produces no sound at all. I have replaced the speaker, still nothing. I do get sound through the headphones and Bluetooth but that’s it. I have done a factory reset and checked to see if it was still in headphone mode and still no audio. Do you have any other options. Please help.

  36. mazloom yar says:

    Q z12 speaker ic & ways?

  37. shafi says:

    My mobile speaker working but no sound also in earphones help me to solve this problem


    I am having “Micromax Canvas Gold A300” mobile . When I receive incoming calls on my mobile, No ringing tone (no sound). When I attend the incoming call by seeing it , I am able to hear the caller and also if there is any music on the other end where as the caller not able to hear me. Also I am not able to hear music, video, Reminder etc. Where as if I use ear phone, I am able to hear. what is the problem and how it could be resolved? How much approximately it will cost?

  39. Shahbaz ulfat says:

    Dear sir my mobile is oppo a71 my mobile is left speaker is dead please tell me the solution

  40. Shiv says:

    My mobile phone has no sound coming and also no sound in mic can service center can replace the part’s my phone is in warranty period

  41. Eric says:

    When I put my headphones there is a sound but when I Rome it the speaker does not do any sound and this is when the volume is on max and when it isn’t not silent

  42. Patrick SIPA says:

    Thx for this website, i am using a Vodafone V900, and for 3 days now the phone is disturbing. Of a suddent i can’t have any song again. When i receive or make a call they hear me but i hear nothing. When i play an audio or vidéo, they is no song coming out. And of a suddent, with no manipulation, the song will came back for a while, and go again. I have even factory reset the phone, but no change.

  43. zaki says:

    I am having ccit p10 max china phone. I couldnot hear sound from my phone. No incoming sound, no out going sound evev movie and music sound also not coming.

    I have to plugin ear phone for sound .

    I reset my phone but not working.

  44. Prakitha says:

    My phone loud speaker is not working except that all are working

  45. Tejasweta says:

    I cannot tear the phone calls but when i plug the earphones i can hear it my speakers are working well.i dont know what to do with the calls.

  46. lucy odowd says:

    hi , wonder can uhelp me, I have an old Nokia non smart phone, no sound when I dial out, and no audio when someone lls me, it rings ok for incoming call , the caller can hear me but I cant hear them, checked all the usual stuff, settings etc. everything else ok…..time to replace it ?

  47. mahaling says:

    Sir my phone new get on one month because it problem automatic Ring sound stopped but let restart the phone will be come out the ring sound I am not known what are the my phoy problem please tell sir

  48. Ashok says:

    sir my mobile speaker not working(not playing sound) but vibrate mode worked
    how to fix?

  49. Sandeep says:

    Mi 4a earspeaker and speaker voice not clear

  50. aarya says:

    Whenever someone calls me and I receive the call, it seems as if my phone is on speaker mode(the volume is so high). But if I call someone it works properly. Please help.

  51. tushar says:

    Karbonn a40 Indian sometimes my phone do not ring when someone calls me help me for that

  52. ravi kumar says:

    Hello sir yureka mobil ear speekar not working

  53. Arun tirkey says:

    Dear Sir my mobile name is Coolpad note lite 5 The problems of the phone is to sound is not going to the other person

  54. srikant says:

    Hello Santosh,
    Glad to know that someone is there to sort out our problem via msg. I just want to know what is R22 in power section. I knows it is charging IC but can you deeply explain about R22.

  55. manoj says:

    Smsung j5 mic /ear speaker not working. How falt

  56. Archana says:

    Sir my mobile model Lenovo A2020a40 problem no sound coming out but in ear phones I’m hearing sir please give a solution

  57. Sultan khan says:

    Sir when i play music the sound should play in ear mic not in speaker and when the phone bell ring it sound from speaker

  58. Bhagabant Sing katihar says:

    Can’t speak without earphone in mi phone. Can u help me solve it.

  59. Tahmeed ullah says:

    I m using q mobile Lt pro 700 its ringing volume mutes when I reset the phone its working ng correctly then ,after some this me it’s mute again what I do ?

  60. Astha Sharma says:

    I have a problem actually I format my android phone and I lost my very Important data, can anybody tell me how can I get my data back without root… If any body knows then please tell me bcoz that data us very important to me.

  61. uma shankar says:

    Eyrfhon to men speker ripeyar

  62. Nilofar says:

    Dear sir.
    My mobile samsung galaxy j7
    Prblm no sound…plzzz help me sir immediatly

  63. Setdas says:

    Dear Sir my mobile name micromax q392 problem is start to not sound only vibrate and opening video and mp3 song not see the saund plz salvation My phone problem

  64. Md ekhlaque Ahmad says:

    Micromax a,66 ringger speakers problems

  65. Jegadeesan says:

    If soldering point is damage how to fit the speaker in mobile phone?

  66. Aria says:

    My phone only have audio through an earpiece or ring alarms also phone calls can’t be heard unless it’s on speaker mode

  67. steady says:

    My phone speaker isn’t working. I tried to replace with new one but still the same. I think the components inside speaker IC got damaged.
    Please suggest me how to fix it.

  68. Muhammad Azam says:

    My mobile iPhone 7plus left side speaker sound is very low and I check the sitting of left and right side speaker but still its volume is very low. Please tell me what can I do.

  69. gufran says:

    Mera pass ek karbonn k52 mobile aaya hai speaker nahi baj raha h but speaker sahi h koi aisa Olay baataoo problem solve ho jaye

  70. Manish says:

    My mobiles speeker jack could not work for ring and audio or video

  71. tody says:

    An caller voice hearing speaker has loss volume of hearing what to do there was an full volume also

  72. Virendra says:

    Without head phone speaker not working and during calls speaker on not working

  73. Dinesh says:

    My mobiles speeker jack could not work for ring and audio or video

  74. oselle dominic says:

    thxs Santos 4 the guide like reading them soo much hope to be Like u. am Dominic

  75. sankar says:

    Ringer no sound ringer ways how to showing…

  76. Jyothi says:

    Am not getting voice from other side while am getting calls can u plz tl me what is the problem..

  77. amirdeen says:

    dear sir,
    please let me know where to buy cheap mobile spare such as ic,display,speaker,mic etc,m

  78. thiyagarajan says:

    Micromax a68 Mobile phone. Ear speacker not working. Ringar not working.head phone not working but head phone symbals comming all sparport value good contition but no comming sound plzz i want solution

  79. yesaya says: samsung galaxy s2 is havng a sound problem when using the earphone it gives low volume even if u increase to maximum but when unplug the phones it gives a normal high volume, please help me fix it

  80. asad says:

    I have a problem that whenever I start any vedio then we need the voice clear bcz at the same we watch movies or news etc.
    I can not hear the voice of the moive or news.

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