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Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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  1. Avatar Tyra Hill says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

  2. Avatar Emmanuel says:

    Thanks to the owner of this illuminating website pls I don’t want to loose connection with this website because I need more exlanations plz connect me well on my [email protected]

  3. Avatar kishanvsathyan says:

    how to install rom in androidmobile phone

  4. Avatar M Abbas Naushad says:



  5. Avatar Moses says:

    Hai u have all i need but how do i get them and what is price of each tool?

  6. Avatar windows error code 0x8024a105 says:

    There are some common tools which required during repair the mobile phone. Here it is properly given and described all the tools which are very essential for repairing a phone.

  7. Avatar Ghyoneka says:

    Good work sir….are these the basic tools needed to start mobile phone repair?

  8. Avatar Yacouba says:

    Hi , i want to know the price of all tool in dollar $ please

  9. Avatar noel villaver says:

    it is a beg help to me

  10. Avatar raj singj says:

    sir ji all tool kha se purchase kre please help me no.8560984202 kya price ke he.

  11. Avatar victor Asuquo says:

    How can I get a rework station that is customize with a DC an how is the cost. Old notify me thank you

  12. Avatar TOLU says:

    good work sir. keep it on

  13. Avatar Mohit aggarwal says:

    how i can get the mobile repairing tools

  14. Avatar Magwaza says:

    Sir your info is very useful ,keep up the good work God bless .I have 7 broken phone in my house that i will fix , with my pace sure referring to your tips .

  15. Avatar Temitope says:

    Please how much will all the mobile phone hardware tools cost and how to get it because I’m in a west African country.

  16. Avatar Abba muntari fardami says:

    Thank sir, have you branch in nigeria, i am from kastina state nigeria. but I want be your member

  17. Avatar Alphy says:


    I have a Samsung galaxy grand prime hand set. In phone touch screen a small oil type marking is there and some times it is difficult to type. sir, please let me know there is any way to solve this issue.

  18. Avatar Mukunda. R says:

    How do you use DC Power supply to power ON Mobile as the connectors are different.

  19. Avatar farhan khan says:

    very good job thanks.

  20. Avatar adeyemi tope says:

    thanks so much.
    please how can i buy all this equipment online? I’m from Nigeria

  21. Avatar Kafuitech says:

    Very good arranged tools. Thanks

  22. Avatar John says:

    wow I’m so impressed to see all this thank u very much. how can I get all this tools here in African Biafra Land?

  23. Avatar Chiranjit Tudu says:

    Your Mobile repairing information nice

  24. Avatar sudhansu says:

    Please tell us about tool used for removing touch and display.
    I like the article on mobile tool kit.

  25. Avatar Yarngam says:

    Sir, Your information is helpful to me. Is there any more tools/eqmt for updation of mobile softwares. please update

  26. Avatar lazy1053 says:

    Where can I get/buy these tools in South Africa?

  27. Avatar Santos sharma says:

    Dear sir mujhe aap se judna hai

  28. Avatar Jagjit Singh says:

    Hi Santosh I have one of my Freind who is interested to start his own mobile repair business. He tried a job a lot but didn’t get any job yet. Honestly he can’t afford to buy tools equipment needed for all types of repair. I would like to help him financially so may you please kind enough to guide me where and which mobile opening equipment I should buy for him. Max. Budget will be around 25000 rs.

    Jagjit Singh

  29. Avatar ali says:

    Hi sir am really intrested in repairing mobile phone but I don’t hav anybody to help me pls I need your help

  30. Avatar Raymond says:

    God bless ur hand work Sir

  31. Avatar Marilee says:

    What I find so initserteng is you could never find this anywhere else.

  32. Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

    Where are you from?

  33. Avatar mohanteja says:

    very very good and informative site.
    Mnay thanks to people behind this site exelent

  34. Avatar Dharamraj meena says:

    Hello sir yes abhi kitne Ka Aata Hai mobile repairing tools mera WhatsApp number 95 2158 71 73

  35. Avatar Skrillex says:

    Hi sir my phone model number is micromax A76 ..The problem is that when I try to one my phone it boots to logo and rapidly turn off the screen.Iam a mobile technician top and checked battery line,hot test cold test and even flashed the rom .I was reading the power is going or not inside the mobile when I touch thr power on switch power supplies for 4sec and immediately all the power supply are stops…What kind of problem arises for me Sir

  36. Avatar Sadan gowda says:

    How much it cost for all equipments

  37. Avatar TIMOTHY says:


  38. Avatar Selvakumar Duraisamy says:

    Mr. Santosh Das I bought a new SENAP X5 MAX Mobile phone last year. Now it is some repair I think. It asking com.system update, com.system bin. what can I do. it is not working properly. Pls give some suggestion. Some experts told that You should flash your phone. but the flashing file are not available. pls give flashing files for SENAP X5 MAX .

  39. Avatar Murthya says:

    A million thanks to u

  40. Avatar G RAMESH says:

    its good

  41. Avatar Karimulla says:

    Hi sir I am working as mobile technisition. But I want to know a d learn. How to solve network problem of Samsung and Nokia phones. Plz replay

  42. Avatar Rajesh rathor says:

    great information dear,can you tell me if any mobile problame comes can i ask you any question ,and how can i get that answer.

  43. Avatar kin says:

    Sir, is it okay if I will attach the soldering iron directly to the outlet?

    Another question, what is the difference between soldering iron and soldering gun? And it’s uses.

  44. Avatar mohan says:

    great information dear,can you tell me if any mobile problame comes can i ask you any question ,and how can i get that answer.

  45. Avatar dick tracey says:

    How old is this course. Mobile phones such as the Nokia 3310 are outdated and 1st generation technology. Most people on earth carry smart devices anymore. More tools are needed. I.g., lcd and digitizer seperater machine and uv lightsource for those that use UV glue.

  46. Avatar Ummar Rafiq says:

    I want to study about mobile repairing i have my own electronic business. I want ur help sir

  47. Avatar JA Benaa says:

    Hi Mr. Santosh Das.
    How do you do? Your site caught my eyes while i was seeking for a suitable project to help my community in Ghana.
    How fast do you think it would take me to accomplish the course? What do I need to start; start up kits: cost, time and …?
    I will be very glad to read your words.

  48. Avatar A. Fitzgerald Downes says:

    I want to join with you and share information in the area of electronics. I am the owner of a business named CADER (Computer, Analogue And Digital Electronic Research) it is a division of Fitzgerald Enterprises. I think that you are doing a great job and I intend to share some experiences with you and other electronic technicians and repair guys.

  49. Avatar saviour says:

    my name is Saviour Kwame Dzakah am a 23 years old boy.I completed senior high school and I leave in Ghana and I wish to join the mobile phone business, how do I contact you?my cell phone number is +233243452773.

  50. Avatar debabrata saha says:

    dear santosh,
    i wait to know your email and contact details

  51. Avatar Arvind says:

    Sir i want to learn mobile repair course,which is best institute .what will be the price of all equipments.

  52. Avatar waseem says:

    sir this is the best site in mobile repairing field.

  53. Avatar GabrielTna says:

    Excellent post. Thanks.

  54. Avatar Riaz Brohi says:

    I have joined a center of mobile phone repairing this website helped me so much. Thankssssss 🙂

  55. Avatar Ghazal Eshpari says:


    my name is Ghazal. I have a company called Digital Items Worldwide. I sell used cell phones. I can get any kind of cell phones, Samsung S3, S4, S5, iPhone, HTC, LG, anything you want. I can sell them to you as wholesale. I can give you an estimate, so that you can see how much I can sell it to you. For example the S3, I can sell it for $110, S4 I can sell it for $160, S5 for $250. I can sell you as much as you want for a good deal. My company sells online only. If you are interested in working with me, please let me know. I can get any model you want. The cell phones that I can sell you are all fully functional but used. They are all in good cosmetic condition. Thank you.

  56. Avatar pinku says:

    This is exlance site. For help me.

  57. Avatar yousaf says:

    thanks sir.

  58. Avatar Narasimha says:

    this web sight is very usefull to lerners like us.thank u very much.

  59. Avatar Shyamapada Banerjee says:

    this site absolutely helpful for us. Many many thanks

  60. Avatar md:kawser ahmed says:


  61. Avatar Nipun Dhananjaya says:

    So helfully …… Thanks!!!!!

  62. Avatar Gajendrapatel says:

    This all tools is very good
    This my best

  63. Avatar Zarif Azmy says:

    very very helpful!! thank you so much 🙂

  64. Avatar K Singh says:

    Mobile battery phone booster(item no 15) shows the image of the Battery tester(item no 36). Please rectify the duplicate images.

    Some of the images cannot be deciphered as they are in low resolution–such as BGA kit. Very nice site. THANKYOU

  65. Avatar Akhil Gupta says:

    Wounderfull site & thanks

  66. Avatar Sam says:

    Nice site. pls people,a novice here would like to learn step by step on how to fix mobile phones for people to earn an income.
    Thank you very much

  67. Avatar sal,am says:

    sir, I have micromax viva a 72 android handset. I forget its pattern lock now its asking me to login in Google but problem is that both WiFi and data connection is disabled of my mobile. what should I have to do now. I try to switch off and switch on (holding power and volume up/down) button but that’s not worked. kindly solve my issue

    • Santosh Das says:

      You have to Hard Reset your mobile phone. Here are the steps:

      1) Turn Off your mobile phone.
      2) Hold the HOME button and Power button for 30 seconds.
      3) Follow the instructions on the display.

      I hope this helps.

  68. Avatar tanmaya sahoo says:

    its so good

  69. Avatar zerihun says:

    very helpful may God bless u!!!!

  70. Avatar Bishop King says:

    wow great job. thanks for all of the information provided.

  71. Avatar wondimu says:

    it is not only enough to say I like it. this is the crucial item to do so.l

  72. Avatar mene says:

    nice info keep it up guy

  73. Avatar Jacob says:

    dats perfect

  74. Avatar Jacob says:

    thanx guys that’s perfect

  75. Avatar Jacob says:

    thanx for the informative site you have created for us.many thanx to u guys behind this site

  76. Avatar HERMAN says:

    Where can buy these mobile repair tools?

  77. Avatar vivek gupta says:

    dear sir maine aaj tak bahut logo ki side se reading ki lekin aap ne bahut hi ache se likha hai mughe nahi lagta hai ki aap ki writing meain koi kabe hai

  78. Avatar Abdell says:

    Very interesting and informative website.I just happened to find this site and I love it.Thank you so much to people behind this site.

  79. Avatar dhiraj nakrani says:

    very very good and informative site.
    Mnay thanks to people behind this site….

  80. Avatar schema says:

    Would you be able to better inform me on which type of heat gun would be best to open waterproof electrical devices? Or to just break a glue seal safely.

    • Santosh Das says:

      Heat gun or hot air rework system are meant to melt solder. They are not used to melt glue. But it can be used to melt glue if the melting point of the glue is less that about 600 degree Celsius.

  81. Avatar DERO says:

    i seem that it is the unik website 4 gud mobile enginer

  82. Avatar mahesha says:

    this web sight is very usefull to lerners like us.thank u very much.

  83. Avatar mytechtip says:

    very good and informative site.Mnay thanks to people behind this site

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