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  1. Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

  2. Soldering Tools & Equipment for Mobile Phone Repairing

  3. ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) – Static Electricity and Anti Static Protection (ESD-Safe)

  4. Soldering Iron and Soldering Station for Mobile Phone Repairing

  5. PCB Holder / PCB Stand for Mobile Cell Phone Repairing

  6. Solder Wire for Mobile Phone Repairing

  7. Thinner / PCB Cleaner / IPA for Mobile Phone Repairing

  8. Jumper Wire for Mobile Phone Repairing

  9. Precision Screwdriver T4, T5, T6 for Mobile Phone Repairing

  10. Hot Air Blower for Mobile Phone Repairing

  11. Digital Multimeter Guide and Tutorial with Instructions on How to Use a Digital Multi Meter

  12. Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

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  1. Avatar John Daniel Rogath says:

    Rose my interest on this,I want to learn more,

  2. Avatar pooja says:

    Thanks for explain me about mobile phone

  3. Avatar joleen challenger says:

    i have a Samsung galaxy s3 mini and the screen is not comming on but you can hear sounds when locking n and off. what is the problem and how can i fix it?

  4. Avatar Alex says:

    Thank for this important information its realy useful.

  5. Avatar Subash sapkota says:

    In Nepal where can authorized dealer can be found??? N how much does pcb servicing cost ??? Please can tell me the servicing amount???

  6. Avatar Nomad says:

    I really like this site, especially the facility of all languages.

    is this repair book available in Urdu as well? if so please guide how to download it?



  7. Avatar Subash sapkota says:

    I have samsung gt-s5570i and it switch off time to time…. I think it has problem with its battery chargeing ic plz help me to solve this ic problem…. Write to me soon plzzzzzz

  8. Avatar hari says:

    my nokia 7230 does not on. but in meter no problem

  9. Avatar Akinremi Solomon says:

    I like this site and would love to receive updates of upgrades. Thank you so much

  10. Avatar Ephrem Tafesse says:

    Nice men very very good info you gave us that is very helpful this is what i want !!!

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