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Santosh Das

Santosh Das is an Engineer, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, and electronics manufacturing tools, equipment and consumables. Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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117 Responses

  1. rahul says:

    my alcalte one touch pop 3 in that all the data are capture and in miseoluos file there are there is upto 3 gb data when i open it there is on data what should do for it

  2. Kabila says:

    I need the software which makes the phone on for yxtel g925 or send the name of good yxtel service center to my mail account .PLEASE HELP ME

  3. Imamuddin says:

    Sir mobile & computer repairing book PDF file send on my email
    . mdimamuddinhusain786

  4. krishnam rai says:

    Hi sir I am krishnarai from Bangalore my intex aquastar 11 model prob….network connection 3g suddenly it showing like sim card not inserted and signal gone while browsing…since 3 days…

  5. Fatimah Hafer says:

    Interesting analysis ! I Appreciate the facts – Does someone know where I might grab a blank OH OUF-1 copy to work with ?

  6. Rajesh Khanna says:

    Sir ji my lenovo vibe k5 ..working good but with out any use the phone its gone to auto timeout mode…again I’m removed the phone battery and fixed then only on….

  7. dharamveer says:

    santosh dash g mera name dharamveer hai bharatpur disti R-J k rhne bala hu
    Mujhe mo.rep.corse.karna h g
    Please help me

  8. tajudin says:

    MY galaxy S 5 screen some times not respond it became black or nothing display on it while i try to on the screen. Some times it displays easily while i touch the power button but after a minute the screen becomes abnormal.

  9. sinned nosis says:

    sir my phone stuck in logo and not recognized by pc

  10. KARTHIKEYAN says:

    I sir, I have duel sim mobile phone. Both SIM card slots are not working. I have ZenFone 6. please tell me the solution. Should I change the SIM card slots?

  11. Rahul says:

    Sir when i search network manually in micromax x2400 list comes but when i select my home its shows network registration failed…..
    And emergency call shows anytime
    How can i do..
    Give me solution quickly

  12. lupin says:

    thanks so much may God award u for ur service

  13. George says:

    Hi Sir
    Recently i searched internet for a solution for Blackberry z3 no sound at all. Someone suggested that i should insert earphones and switch my device on and off. That worked a little while and started again. Please provide me a permanent solution.
    Thanking you in advance

  14. Adnan Wazir says:

    Sir u r doing v good work.I m new student of this field.

  15. Vijay sharma says:

    sir please can i get pdf files for all mobile phones

  16. joshua says:

    sir help, how do i get started when i want to flash any phone.

  17. Adetoyese Adebayo. says:

    l have gone through your PDF Free Tutorial Book – on Mobile Cell Phone Repairing.
    It’s most useful for me as a beginer.
    All l have to say is:
    Firstly Thanks to the Most High GOD.
    Secondly thanks to you in appreciation.
    May GOD Reward you accordingly.

  18. Pavankalyan says:

    sir please send me link of mobile repairing pdf

  19. Mahi says:

    I drooped my edge 6 in toilet and it remained there for just 4 sec I took it out and blow dried it… then turned it on after 2 days but it didn’t turned on …then I after one day I switched it it showed samsung edge plus written but after that it continued to show the name… but nothing happened after it… I put it in rice and it remained there overnight and battery turned to zero… then I charged but it’s neither getting charged no turning switched on… don’t know what to do. Kindly tell me

  20. Navin Rajput says:

    i want all mobile software & hardware repaires books in pdf download link sent to gmail:[email protected]
    please send me

  21. satyajit says:

    want to know mobile servicin hardware and software each brand online or off line please suggest

  22. partha says:

    sir how can seck mobile short and where short … hat reading give multimeter…?

  23. manoj kumar kandi says:

    Namaste sir my name is manoj and i have started mobile repairing job at my own shop recently i have a phone of G FIVE (KEYPAD) Its has a problem that the calls comeing on that phone get recive automatically without any setting problem or by pressing any key so plz giude me what i need to do !

  24. jesse says:

    Could you please email me flashing and software 4 galaxy s4

  25. Yirlieb Simon says:

    Santosh, thanks a lot for your good work. I have now found a good place to learn. This website is very good.

  26. p.nathaninfor says:

    very nice thanks to you i got this is good opportunity thanks for your good information .

  27. Ajitkumar says:

    Sir please mobile reparing soln.pdf file

  28. Bhavesh says:

    A worst software problem in my phone redmi 3s after 15 days from i bought now flipcart does not take any responsibility because 10 days over of its return policy and mi care people had no any idea of software or hardware related problems about this fon. One of the worst and disgusting experience of what should i do pl help me

    • Santosh Das says:

      Did you try to update the software. Update the software using the Updater App which is preinstalled. I myself use Redmi Note 3 and can say it is one of the best phones available in the market. Try to Reset the Phone and then update the software.

  29. Venkatesh says:

    i want all mobile software & hardware repaires books in pdf download link sent to gmail:[email protected]
    please send me

  30. okunwaye blessing says:

    sir if there is anything call charity it is what you have done putting food on people table thks you. Please what will it take to have the DVD OR VCD sir

  31. soundar says:

    Very nice sir,
    Your knowledge to share to others
    Please keep the same

  32. shankar says:

    Thanks sir for this get work

  33. CHAKRA says:

    i have the operating system software, and google pack for LG OPTIMUS 2X. How to install it as my screen is hanged on start?

  34. Ngaihtea says:

    Dear Sir, Where could i get those repairing tools ? I am planing to set up mobile repairing shortly. Please advise. my resident is in Mizoram.

  35. Barth lewis says:

    Sir am very gratefull for this platform of yours may GOD bless u for share your knowledge with us.

  36. jonathan muzhona says:

    thanks sir you had shade a light to me,but how can i go further with this course?

  37. Rakesh says:

    Namste sir, is it necessary to use UV light for dry loca glue ? or can we use normal torch?

  38. Ranjeet says:

    Best idea , I want to learn Smart phone reapering

  39. soliam says:

    i need a pdf book of flashing and softwares

  40. Alex kalama says:

    Thank you for sharing the good job..i will be greatfull if I get the solutions tips of repairing sim card eror on my email[[email protected]]

  41. yogesh suresh samudre says:

    respeacted sir i want mobile reparing notes i ha ve compleat by mobile cource at pune sarswati education centar i have not experiance of mobiole reaparing so are you pride notes of reparing

  42. jimmy nsanze says:

    sir may God protect,bless you for being a man who is not self centred, a man who thinks about the wellbeing of others.
    may God our shield continue using you.

  43. Teejay Tech says:

    May God continue to protect, guide, bless and enrich your brain for universe enjoyment. i am always enjoy your tips .thanks for being there.

  44. Godknows Ruzvidzo says:

    Dear Santosh i need cellphone flashing tutorial pdf and also all cell phone repairing tricks pdf

  45. Nkosi says:

    Thank you sir

  46. varun says:

    how yo on debugging mode in screem damaged cell

  47. arham shaikh says:

    amazing site

  48. Nupur says:

    Please provide a list of mobile manufacturing books.

  49. ali says:

    Thank you sir very very much such a great knowledge for mobile phone repairing
    hardware.but sir plz upload complet software solutions also.we are waiting.

  50. Humphrey says:

    Thank sir for wonderful explaining

  51. Ikmal says:

    Lenovo A5000 wheb i plug in charger, the battery percentage was decreasing instead of increase….kindly can u please advise whats should i do…i have already change the charging port and also replaced with new battery…but still same…please help me sir.

  52. avnish says:

    Thanks sir ji.for send pdf link.
    sir ji.i have nokia5030c-2 network pls help me

  53. avnish says:

    Sir.plese guide basic mobile repairing cours online

  54. Aditya says:

    Hello. The earphone socket has external damage which doesn’t let hands free to be plugged in. It’s Lumia 730. What’s the solution to this?

  55. Aditya says:

    The earphone socket has external damage that doesn’t allow hands free to be plugged in. Can the socket be changed? It’s Lumia 730

  56. sasi says:

    Very nice and too helpful thank you bro

  57. rakesh says:


  58. manasa maharana says:

    thanks brother

  59. Syed says:

    Sir its very nice suggestions. Plz mail me the pdf format how repairs mobiles

  60. hardric says:

    Wasnt able to download the pdf. Anyone have it please forward it to my email.Tanx

  61. Sameeullah says:

    Dear Santosh thanks for the info really appreciated.

  62. ajay thakor says:

    sir pls send me a pdf download link i can’t a/c so i can’t download pdf pls help….

  63. Sajad Bakshi says:

    Not able to download plz mail me thnx in advance

  64. niraj vasita says:

    i am not able to dawnload multimiter book….plz help me

  65. Chint henriq says:

    Thanx alot for the great work and insight. Honestly am in love with your material. Please sir can can i be your student ? I just love your website.

  66. Aakash says:

    I want to download pdf of mobile repaire but it is showing that I am not the member if you can give the pdf then plz email me

  67. sandesh ganore says:

    i love this

  68. Pratiksha says:

    Hello Santosh Das,

    I need mobile repairing course document and I unable to download the book as I am not a member and unable to register as a new user.

    I need the book urgently. Please reply

  69. esselmont says:

    i want to learn how to fix phones am ffrom zimbabwe

  70. .saeed ahmed says:

    Aoa Sir l like it l got too much information from your this pdf book. Sir l have 3gs apple phone’s network low problem can u send me its solution with diagram at my Gmail.

  71. sam says:

    Please send me mobile ( hardwere) repairing. Soluation

  72. Manikandan says:

    Pls give me Mobile service tips

  73. Ramendra Tiwari says:

    I found many mobile phone which lower touch is not working properly as like as Micromax A104 and Micromax 106 so just tell me is it the problem of touch or any other part while after changing touch it works proper

  74. Rasool Shaikh says:

    Thanks alot to for providing wonderfull information about basic cell repairing

  75. joshi amit says:


  76. Navin says:

    Pls give me mobile repairing tips in hindi all about

  77. Ravinder Singh says:

    sir i need an mobile repairing book or pdf file for college project report .if any body have ten mail me .plz

  78. Santu dutta says:

    Pls give me mobile repairing tips in hindi all about,,,,

  79. Asif Rasheed says:

    i need a book of phone repair,kindly advice me the best book i can download or you send me through my email

  80. nandan says:

    Plz give me mobile repairing tips in hindi all about…..

  81. samuel says:

    i need a book of phone repair,kindly advice me the best book i can download or you send me through my email

  82. mudadi Fred says:

    thanks for the work than

  83. Husain khan says:

    Please see the procedure of cell phone software installation.

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