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49 Responses

  1. Avatar Tia Williams says:

    Good blog. Keep sharing

  2. Avatar Conserto de Celular says:

    Informative article for those looking for this subject.

  3. Avatar okpara chikamso says:

    Please sir how do I repair a mobile phone whose battery connector reads continuity. What do I remove or replace?

  4. Avatar yasir says:

    Sir I want to learn repairing of cell phone both hardware and software. Please post me some informative websites.

  5. Avatar mobiwiz555 says:

    Gr8 JOB mates…hatsoff to the website.

    it would be much gr8 if you ppl can explain about flashing/secrete code unlockinb and some software tools.

    Thanks ….

  6. dear sir i have a problem with my pussy it creaming alot so do you have any softwear to satisfy and correct my pussy hardware plzzzzz

  7. Avatar preet says:

    Sir how to solve any ic heating problem

  8. Avatar i says:

    i want a make good ripeir

  9. Avatar Dilip choudhary says:

    helo sir ,my name is dilip choudhary this site IS nice & very graceful .

  10. Avatar DitroID says:

    Mobile Cell Phone Dead Problem and Solution – How to Repair Dead Mobile Cell Phone.

    This page can not be opened!

  11. Avatar Zarif Azmy says:

    hello sir, thank you so much for the very useful information. I am from Alexandria, Egypt I started my Mobile cell Phone Repairing course last week. I got 3 lectures so far. the first lesson was about repairing tool.
    the second lesson I studied the AC and DC current, everything related to the battery, the Antenna, GSM, and IC and other components which work for supplying the IC.
    the we start practicing how to use the air hot. then the third lesson was yesterday about Multimeter and how to use it, then I studied about Resistant, Solenoid, and Capacitor, their function and what happens if sabotaged.
    I just want to know if I am on the right track by studying that way, cuz this site is awesome but it gives a different way. thanks

    • Santosh Das says:

      Yes, you are in the right direction on learning mobile cell phone repairing. You must also learn about different sections inside a cell phone and their function. This will help you while repairing any mobile phone.

  12. Avatar Ram Kishor Ray says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have a problem with my new karbonn titanium s5 ..something went wrong tht it keeps on restarting again and again .although i have changed the ROM so many times and also tried with different roms but problem persisit.. Can u pls help me.. one more thing tht someone told me that your phone’s cpu is over heating..pls help me…to make my phone working properly.
    Thanking You.

    • Santosh Das says:

      There is serious problem in the Logic Board of this Phone. Please take it to Karbonn Service Center. Also try to get rid of this phone if possible. Karbonn is not trustworthy.

  13. Avatar bacchu bhaskar says:

    it is very helpfull thnks!

  14. Avatar Ajay Pawar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have a china phone Geotel G300. I locked the phone privacy (i.e. video, camera, Music, SMS, Contacts, File manager, ETC. I forgot the phone privacy code. Is there a solution to backup message and contacts or reset only the code. I tried some codes searched from the internet but it could not help.

  15. Avatar Max Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have a problem with my new karbonn titanium s5 ..something went wrong tht it keeps on restarting again and again .although i have changed the ROM so many times and also tried with different roms but problem persisit.. Can u pls help me.. one more thing tht someone told me that your phone’s cpu is over heating..pls help me…to make my phone working properly.
    Thanking You.

  16. Avatar sanjay says:

    How to flash a lg gs190 mobile and where can I get the software for that mobile

  17. Avatar timothy says:

    hi can you hel;p me i got my micromax canvas2plus dead due to little water entry into me mobile phone

    • Santosh Das says:

      Just disassemble the phone, clean the Board of the Phone with IPA or Alcohol and assemble again. It must work.

  18. Avatar fulbor90 says:

    Great job!!! Excellent web site and resources. Thanks for spending your time to organize, collect and share all these infos for free.. Thank you

  19. Avatar Manoj says:

    Hi Dear,

    I am using Samsung GTI9003 and it is not turning on due to monther board problem.

    Could you please help me?

  20. Avatar Arun Nayak says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have Micromax Q35 (GSM+CDMA Handset),whenever i make a call, the call automatically drops after 1 minute,i dont know if someone has changed some settings inside or its some software or hardware problem and i also dont know the default factory reset code of Micromax Q35, i have tried 0000,1122,1234,1111 but none are working,so pls help me regarding this problem

  21. Avatar Reena says:

    I am Reena.
    Kindly solve my query. I have Nokia 2600 cellphone.
    but now it is dead.
    so kindly tell me hw can i connect it to pc bcoz it don’t have any usb slot.
    and how can i repair it.
    i known it not costly bt i want to repair it…
    So kindly help me dear.
    send me name of software and hardware require for it plz.

    Thanks And Regards

    • Santosh Das says:

      Dear Reena:

      There are several reasons why your mobile phone is dead. I have already published an article on this. You can read it. Try to take the cell phone to an authorized Nokia Service Center and get it repaired. Thanks!

  22. Avatar satya says:

    sir i have a problem with nokia 2626 mic track that didn.t give out meter detection in mobile phone mic point. can you give me suggation how to jumper it .

  23. Avatar lokesh says:

    sir my phone sony ericsson wt19i dosnt display anything.. i mean when i start my device it displays black light…and nothing happens…just stuck on black ligt display..is it os problem or hardware problem?…plz help me my email add. is [email protected]

  24. Avatar crazy says:

    I want to learn how to repair mobile phones. Please tell me from where I start,
    Do I first buy some scrap boards, and refer to the parts and learn?
    or shall I directly join some institute of mobile repair?
    I will be grateful to you if you give your advice. thank you.

  25. Avatar mjp says:

    i want to replace my broken gfive ap7 touch screen i bought a new touch screen it had small four pin strip so i want to know how can i soldring this strip pls help me

  26. Avatar thanjo says:

    Thanks for helping, hope to learn a lot from this site. God bless!

  27. Avatar yunus says:

    this website is very helpful for beginners and i like it very much i would like to have ur email address to ask u some doubts … [email protected]

  28. Avatar yemane says:

    Dear it is very helpfull thnks!

  29. Avatar sudha says:

    i want to learn cellphone service for earn money. so what will i do? any dvd or anything. plz help for my business

    • Santosh Das says:

      You must join some mobile cell phone repairing school or institute and then work as an assistant to an expert in order to learn mobile phone repairing.

  30. Avatar harinder singh says:

    I did bt it did nt work……

  31. Avatar harinder singh says:

    hi, there this harinder nd I would like to know about the camera problem. my nokia 5130 is showing camera is on standby when I switch it on to capture some photos. can u plz help me to solve this problem …….thanks……

  32. Avatar basir ahmed says:

    this site is very helpful to me

  33. Avatar abhay says:

    very informative.

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