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Watch out these mobile cell phone repairing videos to learn how to repair any mobile phone. You will find videos starting from basics like how to dissemble a mobile phone, all about parts of a mobile cell phone, mobile phone PCB and IC, how to use a multimeter and finally how to repair a mobile phone. This video tutorial will surely help you in learning how to repair any mobile phone including smartphone repairing.

How To Clean Point & Connector of a Mobile Phone

How To Desolder / Remove / Replace Display / Screen of a Mobile Phone

How To Solder / Replace Display / Screen of Mobile Phone

How To Heat IC

How To Jumper

How To Reball IC

Card Level Parts & Components of a Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone PCB

How to Identify Parts and Components on PCB of a Mobile Cell Phone

Mobile Cell Phone Parts and Components and Their Function

Mobile Cell Phone Small Parts / Electronic Components

Circuit Symbols of Electronic Components

Integrated Circuit (IC)

How Mobile Phone Works

How to Use Multimeter

Mobile Phone Repairing – How to Repair Mobile Phone

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