Mobile Cell Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution – How to Solve Display Fault in any Mobile Cell Phone

Santosh Das

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  1. dev says:

    i connected my moto x play for charging at night when i woke up at morning, the display was all blank.
    when i switched off and turned back again, the whole screen got divided in two parts Motorola logo appears both in upper nd lower half plus as boot up progresses the boot up screen shows images with slow fps(in both half) like missing some images in between, at password screen the top half screen is blank and whole display is contricted in lower half, touch is working fine, like where it should normally work even in the blank part. ..

    plz help me sir i dont know what the probem is..??

  2. SAnufer says:

    How much does an backlight ic cost? Micromax yu phone

  3. Mohite says:

    My lenovo k8 plus suddenly gone blank and barely I can see the display under any bright light only.. everything is working fine but only the display gone black / dim.. like it is not visible.. moreover the battery is non removeable…

  4. Anay says:

    my phone’s display is black I can hear all the sounds such as logo’s sound but cant see anything its full black

    • Santosh Das says:

      Display gone and needs to be replaced.

      • rishi says:

        hello santosh iam having iphone 4s today morning i woke up i switch on my phone it was working fine the battery was low so i connected with cable after some time i noticed display showing blur and lines and withing 2 min it was all blank i tried to rest it so it gets back to normal stage but still it was blank plzz guide me the solution

  5. Ali says:

    Sir please inform me my lg Nexus display not working its like when i press lock key display show and when i put my password and press right key then display off so what the actual problem..? please reply soon… Thanks

  6. kunjal says:

    sir mera mobile ka display tut gaya so mene display change karwan ke liye dia hai leken prbm yai ki mere sare person info usmai hai so kya dispaly change hoga tab mere securites bhi unlock hojai gi…??

  7. Brenda says:

    My Nokia 118 old model phone is displaying contact service and nothing else. Its not functioning at all please help what can I do

  8. Adarsh says:

    My phones display was blinking what can ido

  9. sagar says:

    sir, i have samsung galaxy a7(2016)… its touch is not working.. all the other parts a functional. can it be a motherboard iisue

  10. HARI PRASAD says:

    sir, i m using moto e2 second generation phone. it was working well. suddenly, display went blank but touch works fine. display is totally black. i dont know whether it is display(lcd) problem or backlight( battery or motherboard) problem? i m ready to replace the display. but i m afraid even after replacing the display, what if it is still blank due to some than problem rather than display itself, like battery or motherboard. kindly evaluate and say whether i can order a new display for my phone or not. thank you in advance. awaiting for your reply.

  11. Ashar says:

    Sir I bought a mobile phone (brand new). After a week or more it gave me a problem that it automatically restarts. I gave it to its authorised customer care centre for repairing. They refreshed its software but now it is giving me another problem which is that whenever I use it on full brightness its screen starts flickering but after a close observation I observed that it only flickers at grey colour family area i.e where ever there is grey colour on my lcd it flickers at maximum brightness. Is it a lcd issue or a board issue or a software issue and also all the rest colour work perfrctly and this issue is only innmax brightness. Plz guide me as soon as possible

  12. Ashar says:

    Sir I bought a mobile phone (brand new). After a week or more it gave me a problem that it automatically restarts. I gave it to its authorised customer care centre for repairing. They refreshed its software but now it is giving me another problem which is that whenever I use it on full brightness its screen starts flickering but after a close observation I observed that it only flickers at grey colour family area i.e where ever there is grey colour on my lcd it flickers at maximum brightness. Is it a lcd issue or a board issue or a software issu??? Plz guide me as soon as possible

  13. Gopal says:

    Hi i have gionee s plus n its displays goes in different color n gets hang what to do
    Should i replace display or is there any other solution

  14. mayanj says:

    sir i have a itel mobile set but real problm is rhat my cell phonez display is not working please solured me

  15. Mayank says:

    Sir my phone is fell in water then I put it 3 hours in rice then use 7/8 hours without any problem but next day when I wake display colors are faded …..Please tell me the problem.

  16. chathuranga says:

    I bought some mobile phone lcd displays and i need to know whether those displays working or not… is there any way to check?

  17. PavanKumar says:

    Hi sir when I started to use my mobile after five minutes later it suddenly switch off and switch on it self tell me what is problem in mobile

  18. Shahrukh shaikh says:

    My zenfone max lcd not working I have checked new lcd but not working. phone starts completely and when I start my phone then lcd flat belt get very hot please give me solution

  19. daniel says:

    Hi Sir. My concern is my ASUS ZENFONE 5.5 Laser has been no display all i can see white light when i start it up. what will i do ? thanks

  20. Himmat says:

    Sir my smartphone fall in water for few second and I switch off it immediately but it vibrating for 2 minute, after that I put my phone in sunlight for 4-5 hours.

    Now it is taking call and vibrating during calling but screen is black. What is the problem. How much is the cost of service.

  21. Neev says:

    My intex q11 4g show some time blank screen when we on the lock and some time it blur whats the problem

  22. meri says:

    sir, when I switch on the phone a blank page will appear and the phn rings when some one calls and some times it shows the symbol of the phn .can u suggest a solution plz

  23. ramji says:

    My HTC desire828 screen appears smtimes with white Nd black shades especially while switching on d phone.whether it’s a display problem or bcz of Nt updating software

  24. Arun says:

    My mobile fall on water but display light only not working

  25. nicky says:

    Hlo sir my mobicel show a black screen don’t want to charge and doesn’t go on what to do

  26. -Shrimat says:

    Disply is black what is the issue and how to solve

  27. Timoh m says:

    When i switch ON my LG mobile phone, the LG logo appears and then disappears automaticly on and off on and off very faster. Pliz give me solution

  28. Umesh says:

    Sir actually my phone starts recognising unnecessary touch wen exposed to light and wen brightness is increased…Things happen itself….How to overcome dis….I’m using Moto g4 plus….

  29. Nik says:

    My Nokia C1-01 slipped out of my pocket and its screen is all white. Do I need to get the display changed or IC issues or any other.

  30. Vipul says:

    My htc desire 828’s screen’s display is half black and half good working.As i use it for 5-10 minutes it starts to work properly but when screen locked n opened again again same problem.please help..

  31. Mogham says:

    My phone fall on ground and now the screen is not visible. but touch function is working fine. can i have a solution pls

  32. Songa says:

    hello sir I want to download mobile rapiaring course book
    how to download
    I have a Samsung galaxy tab A

  33. atul says:

    Thin vertical strips shown in mobile many times mobile is lenovo k3 note

  34. Kapil says:

    My Redmi Note has fallen on ground, on its full brightness it’s shows very dim display, rest all functions are working good, screen is visible but very less, touch is OK, pls solve the problem

  35. Sathish says:

    My mobile fallen into water and my mobile display brightness is too low now kindly provide the solution as earliest as possible.

  36. prasanna Mukherjee says:

    Why White thin horizontal lines appearing upon 320*240 Qvga display? How to resolve this issue?

  37. Tarun Koley says:

    I have a HTC516 dual SIM. After charging the phone I saw it working properly. Then I tried to restart the mobile. Then onward the display is not working. It is ringing call is coming. I can receive the call also.

    • Santosh Das says:

      Disassemble the phone and clean the display connector and the connector point with IPA. Assemble back and check if it is working or not. If not, then the display is gone. It need to be replaced.

  38. _ says:

    mine just kinda turns purple when u turn it on. sound works fine, but cant see anything

  39. Mayur says:

    Hello,my moto e screen is half visible while half screen has black and red stries over it.what can i do to it. is there any solution or i have to take it to authourised service center?

  40. shahrul says:

    hello..i have an old sony k530i which has been broken for a long time,.my phone problem is,went i ON the power,it just show white display only at my phone until its off by it self,also its keep vibrate when i press the ON you think its a software problem???please help me show how to repair it..

  41. sandeep says:

    Sir my micromax unite 2 A106 model while pressing power button to check sms or calls display goes blank only only touch buttons blinks to see display again i have to remove battery and insert it and ON power butpleasedaily it happen for 3-4 times please help me

  42. Shaely Garg says:

    Display is not appearing in my mobile Nokia Lumia 610. When I was dialling a number, screen blinked and fluctuated and disappeared and now there is no display at all.

  43. Murphy martins says:

    My nokia 200 fell down and swicthed off, I on it but it only display white screen without keypad light… Please what can I do.

  44. Manash says:

    My lg p970
    mobile display lights shivering all the time, what can i do?

  45. Biranchi says:

    suddenly there is a sparking sound in my phone,remove the battery and sim card. After that I inserted sim and battery and ON the mobile, the SAMSUNG logo appears and then SWITCH OFF. Automatic ON and OFF repeats. please tell me about the problem and can i repair this phone?

    • Santosh Das says:

      Replace the battery and check. If the mobile phone gets ON then change the battery. Otherwise, there is problem in the power section of the mobile phone. Take it to Samsung Service Center.

  46. ramaravi says:

    super that very useful for me

  47. Avnish Darji says:

    My samsung galaxy s3 mobile fell down and display was not working………….so can i now the itis repairable and what is the price of this display ………

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