Mobile Cell Phone Dead Problem and Solution – How to Repair Dead Mobile Cell Phone

Santosh Das

Santosh Das is an Engineer, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, and electronics manufacturing tools, equipment and consumables. Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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78 Responses

  1. Selva says:

    My yureka plus nit booted up. It switched on and hanged up in yu icon. When it hangs in the yu icon the Qualcomm processor is heating up. I tried to flash the mobile using new software, but it gets some error in the starting of the flash process. After doing such things now the Mobile not booting. When switched on it just the screen is black and showing failed to load image. What may be the problem. Is the memory chip has been damaged or the Qualcomm processor,or any some other issue. Kindly help me to service my mobile

  2. paresh says:

    Hi Das sir, your all solutions are so impressive.
    I have also a query I am using REDMI NOTE 3 (32 GB), I was doing charging of my phone via MI 10000 MH power bank and suddenly didn’t know what happened, charging stopped.
    I have tried to charge with all possible things but it couldn’t help me
    So I went to MI service centre they checked voltage via multi meter but its didn’t show anything in it
    They changed USB connector but still the same issue so they said there is motherboard problem
    Is there any repairing solution if you wold like to guide us for the same

    • Santosh Das says:

      Maybe there is shorting somewhere in the the PCB. Get it checked Outside by some experienced Technician. They will Clean the PCB with IPA and Flux and apply Hot Air. This might solve the problem.

  3. Sameer Dhurve says:

    Samsung Galaxy j2 bettery backup problem Kaise thik hoga

  4. ravindra d Akhade says:

    today i join ur web site
    i have problem with micro max nitro , there was touch pad problem so we change it , and replce the sim slot
    but after changing it phone got dead , pl send the solution for it

  5. Vinaykumar says:

    Hello, I have got a moto g2 xt1068. It is water damaged and isn’t getting start nor responds to charger. Got it a chemical wash/dip from a local shop. He returned the phone saying board has short. Now what should be done??

    • Santosh Das says:

      Apply IPA and Flux all over the Board and then Give Heat using Hot Air Blower. If the problem is not solved then the SHORTING has to be checked and the component has to be replaced. Any good experienced technician will be able to do it.

  6. Janish says:

    Dear Santosh, i got a brand new Vsun note as gift from my friend in Dubai however after unboxing i tried to charge the phone and it was not charging and the power sign wont show, i tried to do hard reset still the phone did not start, however when charging the top side of the phone really hots up, since the phone was a gift from my friend in Dubai i am having hard time to locate an authorised repair shop here, please help on this issue, Thanks and Regards, Janish

    • Santosh Das says:

      If the Battery Removable. If Yes, the BOOST the Battery Using Battery Booster and then Charge it. Also try to switch ON the Tab with a DC Power Supply. For all this, you might have to carry the Tab to some good technician.

  7. Ariyan Islam says:

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for sharing the ideasss.. this is so helpful and i am using these websites regularly.

  8. Himanshu says:

    Hi sir..keypad phone on but no charging and usb..usb connector change but same problem

  9. George says:

    Hi Mr Das once more
    Im sori i figured out i was continuity meter settings…lol
    Sorry for the trouble. Last question would be…
    Do you power the board with a DC Power Supply or you just plug in Charger?

  10. George says:

    Hi Mr Das
    Im very interested in your article above since my focus is on getting dead phone working again. I have a little repair shop and its always been a challenge to revive dead phones. So far i understand how to fix shorting but my struggle is when a phone has no short.
    Right now i followed up with a device which has no short and the 0n / Off switch is giving me readings more than 800 to 1100 on multimeter pls advice.

  11. Akash says:

    Dear sir my Letv 1s is hard bricked, it shows red light only no charging signal
    When flashing , after da dowoad in so tool it disconnects everytkme

    I installed all drivers, am ports, all OK
    So tool detecting and at da dowoad fail
    Error 2004 brkm in so toll

    Sir , is this battery issue?

  12. haysquare says:

    pls my brother wet my phone with urine and it started vibrating and flashlight on and shows white screen
    please should i do

  13. VIN says:

    `phone suddenly went bad can not on , when try to charge the phone only the indicator do show red light. what do i do as i love the phone MACROMAX. REPLY PLS.

  14. mahesh says:

    Hi sir, I have Lenovo a850 device. It was a problem with power IC.I gived to local technician,but his not solved that problem of device
    Not charging*
    On off problem*
    What can I do…

  15. mahesh says:

    Hi sir, I have Lenovo a850 device. It was a problem with power IC.I gived to local technician,but his not solved that problem of device
    Not charging*
    On off problem*

  16. kapil says:

    sir in z1 only red light blinks

  17. bijay says:

    Thanks sir nd may i have your number if u could give then send me

  18. Serban says:

    Please tell me your oppinion.
    On a continuity test + on + and – on – i get 1 and for + on – and – on + i get aproximately 270.
    Do you think this might be shorted? There is no charge nor power on.
    Thank you in advance.

  19. Mritunjay kumar says:

    Aapse contect karna change

  20. Aaa says:

    My tecno swich off randomly and wont turn on unless removing n inserting da battry again then it power on n went off imidiatly repair shop told me board have to replaced i wanna know what could be the fault. I drop it befor plz help n sorry for ma english…..

  21. Crystal Kazmi says:

    I have a Nokia 3, was low on charge, died and after hours of charging nothing, updated to 7.1.1 today, RIP or any solutions? Crystal Heart Kazmi google me +971 55 8094119

  22. Sanu says:

    Thanks for good sages .

  23. Saikrishna says:

    My Samsung galaxy s4 mini isn’t switch on first it shows the battery symbol and it isn’t switch on now it wasn’t switch on at all can say what is the problem

  24. arish says:

    Phone is dead but red LED light comes up when charger is connected but no display and nothing happens i tried flashing it but it doesn’t boot up

  25. Shaik NisarAhmed says:

    I have HTC E9 Plus it gets off automatically while using
    Techician says its power IC problem
    My brother send it from Oman hardly I had used it for 10 days it had bee send back to oman for 2-3 times but even after that the problem continous
    It is new hand set
    Plzzz suggest me the solution for this problem.

  26. Julius Edet says:

    Thanks sir, I luv ur work and hope u do more. But sir can I get any vital tips to tackling power problems on smartphones? Also what materials can I consult to get more useful knowledge to fixing mobile phones based on precision and standard methods.

  27. Ehtisham says:

    Hi sir my samsung galaxy s6 turned off while i was playing game and is not turning on what is the issue?

  28. Rachit Desai says:

    Sir my Nokia asha is dead and I tried to fix it by changing battery and all other methods please give me suggestions about fixing it at home. I am a student Rachit desai

  29. Rachit Desai says:

    Sir my Nokia asha is dead and I tried to fix it by changing battery and all other methods please give me suggestions about fixing it at home. I am a student

  30. akila says:

    hlo sir
    my spice dream uno mi-498 is not get started
    only colour dots are appeared till opening…

  31. Tenzin says:

    Hello sir
    My samsung galaxy note 3 sm n900 is dead since last year and i left the as it was.. But now m trying to fix it.ive checked the motherboard with multimeter it has no shorts components seems good battery is good but still it doesnt gets on.. Could u plz share wat is the reason behing it.. Or what shud i do to bring my phone back to life..

  32. James says:

    I newly join your follower and I am indeed bless. Thanks santosh

  33. Yatesh says:

    Hi. Sir my mobile infocus is not oning tht we do sir tht

  34. vivek says:

    Bhai jab se hamne apne phone HTC820q Ka boot ic bdlwaya h tab se phone hiting ar battery prablom ho gaya h.

  35. Sachin says:

    I have Micromax Q413 which has battery backup issue. Battery dose not persist for more than 24 hrs.
    What to do?

  36. Vinay Kumar Sahu says:

    My Motorola G 4 plus mobile is dead. The mobile is not charging up neither switching on.The service center guy says the mother board is shorted and cant be repaired. So he is saying to get the motherboard replaced. Please suggest?

  37. Ben says:

    Hi sir. My inifinix note 3 turns out dead after I sleep on it. When I wake up, it was hot and doesnt turn on. I tried it on laptop, using flash tool, but it was not detected. What could have possibly go wrong with my phone?

  38. Mayuresh chandan says:

    bro.i have micromaxx phone.
    switch off.
    repair person say its dead.motherboard has to be replaced.
    what should i do.?

    • Santosh Das says:

      Changing the Whole Motherboard is the easiest way to Repair any electrical device. It is difficult for me to tell about THIS Fault without checking the Phone. So, Please get the Phone Checked by some other REPUTED Technician in your Area.

  39. Santosh Das says:

    Your phone needs flashing or Software Update. Get it done at any repairing center.

  40. jerry says:

    my charger born when charging my phone since then the phone did not on please I need solution

  41. Justin says:

    My Micromax a120 gets completely dead when remove battery or power off. It works again without problem after flashing(preloader) but after removing battery or power off or reboot it again get completely dead. It works again only after preloader flashing(no other file in sp flash tool) Preloader gets corrupt and phone is detected as mtk usb port on PC after battery removal. Any Solution please

  42. bigen says:

    I like your suggestion.

  43. Lawrence says:

    what could it be sir, when you charged a phone but after charging, it failed to Power on.

  44. Rickain Solanki says:

    Hello sir my Swipe Slash Tablet is not switching on I have changed the charging slot but still the same and not charging to…actually my little brother inserted charger in wrong manner such that my charging slot broken so I have changed it still..the same. please suggest me sir…..and good post sir…

  45. nilantha says:

    good job thankzz

  46. sameer shek says:

    Samsung galaxy s duos 2 display white problem repairing solution.

    • Santosh Das says:

      If the phone is in warranty then go to the Samsung authorized service center and get the display replaced Free of Cost. Otherwise, you will have to change the display.

  47. sameer shek says:

    Easy mobile sort ripearing saliution

  48. sameer shek says:

    Dead mobile ripearing saliution

  49. mullah abdullah says:

    i like your solution best

  50. pol says:

    wonderful power. you are very smart in what u do sir. keep me aware of any other related post.

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