Mobile Cell Phone Dead Problem and Solution – How to Repair Dead Mobile Cell Phone

This chapter explains Mobile Phone Dead Problem and Solution –How to Repair a Dead Mobile Cell Phone. These problem and solution apply to all brands and make of mobile phones including Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, China Mobile Phones, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Alcatel, Apple, AudioVox, Benefone, Danger, FIC, Hagenuk, Palm, Kyocera, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE, Spice, Lava, Sony Ericsson, Micromax etc.

What is a Dead Mobile Cell Phone?

A Dead mobile phone is a hand set that does not get switched ON.

How Does a Mobile Cell Phone Gets Dead?

  • If the mobile phone gets dropped down on the floor or on some hard surface.
  • If the mobile phone gets wet or is dropped in rain or water.
  • If there is any kind or short ( in + and – )
Mobile Phone Dead

Mobile Phone Dead

Mobile Cell Phone Dead Problem and Solution – How to Repair a Dead
Mobile Cell Phone

  1. Remove the battery and see if it gets charged or not. Check voltage using a Multimeter. Voltage must be above 3.7 Volt. Use a Battery Booster to Boost the Power of the Battery and Charge it again.
  2. Check Battery Point and Battery Connector. Clean Battery Point and Battery Connector to remove any carbon deposits.
  3. Resold or change the Battery Connector.
  4. Insert charger and se if the “Battery Charging” appears on not. If there is icon of “Battery Charging” but the mobile phone does not gets switched ON then check ON / OFF Switch. Voltage of ON / OFF Switch must be 2.5 to 3.5 Volt (DC). Clean or change the ON / OFF Switch. Check track of ON / OFF Switch and Jumper if required.
  5. If the charging icon is not there then check voltage of ON / OFF Switch. If the voltage is between 2.5 to 3.7 Volts DC, then RELOAD Software in the Phone (Software Flashing).
  6. If the phone does not gets switched ON even after reloading software then Heat the C.P.U, Power IC and Flash IC.
  7. If there is no voltage on the ON / OFF Switch then check track of the ON / OFF Switch. Jumper if required.
  8. If the problem is not solved then heat, Reball or change the Power IC and CPU to fix the problem.
  9. Keep the Multimeter on Buzzer Mode and Check +_ and – of the Battery Connector. If there is Buzzer Sound then the Set is short. If there is short at the Battery Connector then clean the PCB with thinner. Heat the PCB.
  10. If this does not fix the set dead problem then remove the PFO and check for short. If there is short then replace the PFO.
  11. Remove the charging connector and check for shorting. If there is short then change the connector.
  12. Remove the charging IC and check for shorting. Change if required.
  13. Remove the Bluetooth IC and check for shorting. Replace if required.
  14. Remove the Power IC and check for shorting. Replace with a new one if required.
  15. Remove the CPU and check for shorting. Replace if required.
  16. Remove all the Big Electrolytic Capacitors and check one by one. Replace capacitors if required.


  • Some mobile phones get dead if the RTC (Real Time Clock) is faulty. This happens mostly in China Mobile Phones. Change the RTC to fix the problem.
  • If the mobile phone gets hang after reloading software then change the RTC.
  • If the set is still dead then check by replacing the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator.

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