Mobile Cell Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution – How to Solve Not Charging Problem in any Mobile Cell Phone

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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  1. Avatar Dheeraj singh says:

    My mobile phone iis micromax e313.
    It doesn’t charging evrytime. When I connected to charging shocket.
    WWhenI connected twice or trice.
    It works charging sometime.
    What is the problem in my mobile phone.

  2. Avatar Ajoy konyak says:

    My micromax q348 is not chrging…when i plug in the chrger then it shows chrging…but even after charging it for 1 hour…. only 1% is increasing…pls help me sir i wnt ur help

  3. Avatar selvakumar says:

    Sir, lava a97 charger connector charger coming but battery connector not coming charger solution sir how to check

  4. Avatar tameera dilhan says:

    hello sir how can i find pcb diagrams on internet , if you have any books or anyhing plese help me …..

  5. Avatar Afshin says:

    Hi. a Sony M2 does not charge. i replaced charging connector.again dosent charge. then connected the + usb connector to a part of board that has ? near the battery connector.
    the phone not charge in on mode but charged just for half time in off mode. it not allow charge the battery more than 20% .

  6. Avatar SUKANTHI says:

    my phone lava A97 suddenly it gets switch off.although the charge s full .but its doesnt gets on .i have removed the battery and reinserted it .plz tell me the solution.

  7. Avatar Asma says:

    Hi Sir,

    When I charge my mobile vivo Y21L switched off with new battery, after charging 5% it’s displayng a msg ” Voltage too high,please remove battery”.but when i charged it again keeping phone switch on, it got charged 100%in 10mins nd when i remived it from charging within 2 mins charging has come down nd finally got switched off.What could be the reason for this nd wat shall i do now.pls help me with your valuable suggestion

  8. Avatar Nauman Mehar says:

    Hello Sir. My Qmobile Noir E2 connects to charger fine… But the charging level nor increase neither decrease.
    Sometimes it start charging but once out of 10 attempts… At first I thought its charger problem but after checking many of chargers the problem remain same.
    Secondly if it start charging which is i think by mistake it charges very slow… Takes a whole night to charge… It is a phone with super fast charging… Before the problem it takes just an hour to charge big battery of 4000mAh.. Please guide what to do??

  9. Avatar Prathap says:

    Hi sir, i have micromax-canvas 2 colors A120 mobile i facing problem with charging, when mobile is on condition i connect charger that time not charging, but when i turn off mobile i connect the charger that time mobile is charging please tell me solution.

  10. Avatar Viral says:

    My mobile micromax canvas not charging .. Getting msg high voltage charger

  11. Avatar rahul says:

    I have a Xiaomi mipad, one day it discharged very rapidly and switched off.
    Now when i connect it to charger a red led blinks but device does not charge and pressing power button does nothing

  12. Avatar rahul says:

    I have a Xiaomi mipad, one day it discharged very rapidly anf switched off.
    Now when i connect it to charger a red led blinks but device does not charge and pressing power button does nothing

  13. Avatar Abu Saeed says:

    I have Lumia 730 DS. Some days ago I changed its display and touch. After that ambient light sensor not working properly. It is not doing automatic brightness control as before. But I have checked it by putting torch on it then it increases display brightness. It seems to me that it is ok but it can’t control brightness automatically. Have any solution of it??

  14. Avatar Vignesh says:

    My phone gionee f103 pro model
    It does not charge at nomal state but charging at off mode
    What can i do for that

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      First Reload the OS by some experienced technician. If the problem is not solved then Clean the PCB with IPA and Flux. Apply some Hot Air on the PCB and assemble back and check.

  15. Avatar Amirul says:

    Hi sir i have i want to ask you… Before this my xiaomi redmi note 3 can’t charging.. after searching for solution i found that i need to remove the zener diode from the motherboard… After removing the zener diode its charging again… the question Is there any future implications to the phone if i using high voltage charger like quick charging 3.0… can i cause the motherboard to die?

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      No, there is no complication in using High Voltage Charger. I myself use High Voltage Charger on my Redmi Note 4. Just make sure to use a Charger of Good and Reputed Brand.

  16. Avatar Ceena says:

    hello sir
    samsung galaxy s7 and J1 mini both will use same 3.6 diode ?
    i heard from my teacher he say we should use 5v diode for bypass, because under 5v will drain battery fast. what do u advise me in this situation?
    and thank you sooo much for supporting us to make free website for us.

  17. Avatar Shankar says:

    My xioami mi3 phone is not charging. How do I recover /get a back up if the data.? Service centre people told it is an outdated model. Not checked with private technicians. Appreciate if you can help me with this issue. Rgds

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Xioami keeps Backup of your Data with your Mi Account. Did you create your Mi Account with this Phone. If, Yes, then Log-in with the Same Account in any of your New Xioami Phone and then you can get the Data Back. You must also check with some Good Local Technician. I am 100% Sure they will Fix it.

  18. Avatar dagila says:

    I respect u brother for ur information

  19. Avatar Paul Samuel says:

    Thanks for this article, it really helped

  20. Avatar Akash says:

    Lava a72 Mobile Charging Automatic Please Help Mi

  21. Avatar prabhu says:

    i have problem in geonee mobile charging. many times problem creating in charge port is changed.looking for good solution to change adapter also in many times.please any one help to solve my issues of geonee

  22. Avatar Mudasir says:

    Recently I formatted my phone. After that when I used to charge my phone the battery percentage remains below 50percent even charged for hours.

  23. Avatar vamsikrishna says:

    I just changed battery connector pin. From then, my device shows doesn’t charge properly. shows charging for 15 seconds or so and then red light disappears and no charge. It shows only 1 % and goes turned off . I tried multi charger. Still it shows only 1% and again turns off. someone please help me. I couldn’t use this phone now and I don’t have backup phone too

  24. Avatar Khimaram says:

    Letv phone no gets charge in turn on mode but gets charge in turn off mode still have no apdate my phone software please solve

  25. Avatar Rahul singh says:

    sir Mara mobile 82% km baaed nahi hota

  26. Avatar Suresh says:

    Intex in 4070 mobail in not stor in bettery
    Help sir…

  27. Avatar Suresh says:

    Intex mobail in 4070 in show chargin but no stor in bettry…please hel sir…

  28. Avatar Suresh says:

    Sir intex in 4070 key pad mobail in mabil is in charging show..on dishplay..but not stor in battery……please hep sir…

  29. Avatar Amit says:

    I have letv le 1s , after connecting to its charger , the screen shows that my mobile is charging but actually it’s not charging ,single % is not increases. Plz tell me what to do

  30. Avatar mari says:

    Ian use Lava iris x8 non removable battery no charging. Problem is charging connector at mobile is to solve this problem

  31. Avatar archi says:

    mobile not charging when switch on

  32. Avatar Pratham says:

    sir my device does not show battery symbol while charging on switch off mode, it keeps flashing….

  33. Avatar Paras says:

    I have Nokia c3-00 mobile.The problem in that mobile is it’s take too long to charge the phone,but Within 2 hours the phone is completely dead without using it.In short I can’t able to use for long time.

  34. Avatar dipender goud says:

    Mera tablets switch off par charge ho raha hai Lenin switch on par nahi kyu any solution please

  35. Avatar Rahul says:

    Sir, flame 1’s charging middel tip beeping when i check with multimeter..with ground
    What should i do ?
    Plz tell me

  36. Avatar Santhosh K N says:

    My mobile lenova A7000, not charging when mobile is ON mode, but charges in OFF condition. How to solve this

  37. Avatar mps says:

    karbonn a12+, charges only when powered on and not charging in swich off condition, why? battary changed two times already

  38. Avatar sri says:

    can we jumper fuse to ic to zener-3.7– to bnc.

  39. Avatar sri says:

    i need to know the ways. example connector to fulse the to ic to capacitor etc…..
    a simple diagram.

  40. Avatar pranav says:

    gionee m3 charger mobil plug in then mobil switch off .charge socket remove and new add but not slotution how many problem please

  41. Avatar Bijay says:

    I have lava iris 870 when my mobial is switch on it will not charge but it i will charge in switch off whats the problem will be occourd…

  42. Avatar Sandip Gayen says:

    i using Redmi 3s .. my mobile has charging problem . it’s battery is charging but when i connect with my original charger then charging but it’s charging time automatically disconnect & connect . (i tried many branded charger but same problem )

  43. Avatar ramachandran p says:

    thanks is

  44. Avatar siew says:

    I have a samsung 2. Recently when I charge the mobile it is not charging at allPlease help

  45. Avatar RAJESH says:



  46. Avatar prajwal says:

    Dear sir,
    I have use Assus Zenphone 5 last 4 years continuously still no any problem but now a days mobile charge very slow and battery dry very soon not use to 1 hr or more than please help wt i do

  47. Avatar Sunny says:

    How much does the charging IC for lenovo a6000 plus would cost?

  48. Avatar Farooq says:

    Im 3 insert sim problem
    Sim connector is ok
    What can I do

  49. Avatar ankit paliwal says:

    I have a problem in my lenovo K4 vibe, its getting charged when it is in switched off condition but when its turned ON it stops getting charged, please help me

  50. Avatar saikat says:

    I have a weird problem.i m using Lumia 640.when I am charging my charges for 2.5mins (+-10 secs) and take rest for 30secs.i observed this around does the same for all the time till it gets fully charged or on charging mode. I checked with other charger but no change.what Kind of problem is this???

  51. Avatar Sudipta says:

    My micromax A210 model not charging in Switch On mode.when switch off mode immediately after connecting charger it shows charge sign but 1-2 minutes the symbol disappears.What exactly the solution is..plz help

  52. Avatar taufiq shaikh says:

    Hello sir.
    I attached a zener diode and removed the charging ic, but the diode gets hot .
    Please help

  53. Avatar Delete Duplicates says:

    Excellent blog here! Also your website quite a bit up very fast!

    What host are you using? Can I am getting your affiliate link for your host?
    I want my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  54. Avatar sandip says:

    I have uses walton primo HM. There is sign of battery charging but the battery is actually not getting charged.
    How can I solve this problem.

  55. Avatar dev says:

    I have Samsung s3,which was OK but i up it in charging at night and in the morning it did’t start at all. But when I press on/off button for a while ,some of the ic get very hot. Please help if can? Thanks

  56. Avatar Martin says:

    I have the 2nd problem (There is sign of battery charging but the battery is actually not getting charged). I measured the voltage between the two pins where the battery is, and it shows 2.5V. But the current is Zero. How I can fix that problem. The mobile phone works with a charged cell.

    • Santosh Das says:

      Try to use another battery and check if the problem is solved. If not, then try to change the battery charging connector.

  57. Avatar sachin champ says:

    i have Samsung s5603 mobile phone it’s battery backup is very short, battery have 950 mah. when it is full charged is backup is only 20-30 minute. please help me what can i do for resolve this problem?

    • Santosh Das says:

      There could be short somewhere or some app is using too much battery. You can Factory Reset the Phone and Check. If the problem persists then it has to be checked for some shorting in the PCB.

  58. Avatar Sravan says:

    i have samsung SGH-i777 mobile i have the problem in charging my mobile.
    when i plug in the charger it is charging up to 50 percent and it is showing 100 percent charged but in reality it is not 100 percent charged.
    and i cannot charge once it says it is 100 percent charge.
    please help me on this

  59. Avatar BINOY SHEE says:

    Respected Sir,
    your every post is very important and helpful for mobile repairing.I’ve a suggestion. If you post the problems and solutions with the picture of particular diagram,it’ll be very nice.
    Thanking you, Binoy Shee
    Sonarpur, Kolkata-150.

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