How to Reset Samsung Mobile Phone

There can be times when you may need to Reset or Restore your GSM Samsung Mobile Cell Phone to its original factory setting to solve several problems. Problems that need  “RESET” may include:

  • Your Samsung Mobile Phone Gets or Got Locked.
  • You have forgotten the secret code or password of your Samsung Mobile Phone.
  • You Samsung Mobile Phone gets hanged too often.

In such cases you will have to reset your mobile phone to restore the original factory setting and fix the problem. Below are the steps to Reset your Samsung Mobile Phone:

  1. Remove the SIM Card from your mobile phone.
  2. Type the following password: *2767*3855#
  3. The above step will restore the Original Factory Setting of your Samsung Mobile Phone.
  4. In order to Custom Reboot your Samsung Mobile Phone, type following password: *2767*2878#

Notes: Before Resetting your Samsung Mobile Phone, take following

Samsung Mobile Phone Reset

Samsung Mobile Phone Reset


  1. Take backup of contact list.
  2. Take backup of all data including photos, videos, documents and any other data.
  3. If any data is stores in the Phone Memory and you reset the mobile phone, all data will get lost.

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20 Responses to How to Reset Samsung Mobile Phone

  1. kapil says:

    I’m lost my password samsung sch f699 cdma mobile pls tell me how can reset my password

  2. customer says:

    i have lost my mobile IMEI no. how can i recover it. at that time it shows IMEI empty.

  3. diaa says:

    How to unlock china tablet 3100 fcc id A3L3100 rated: 5V-1A i forgot unlock id and password and i entered password too many times

  4. mohamed says:

    thank you very much first of all I get alot of advantages this site really i would like to get every day mobile repairing parts such as tools needed, full parts of many mobile phones problems that may face and their solution and many others that i don.t remember this time because i want to be a great mobile repairer in somalia thank you again good night all of you

  5. Didi says:

    My samsung GT-c3222 doesn’t allowe calls? I cant receive calls or call and it’s like am not reachable.

  6. Didi says:

    My samsung GT-c3222 doesn’t allowe calls? I cant receive calls or call why?

  7. chito says:

    i have samsung tmobile from US….how can i open the line, so i can used it here in the philppines?

  8. Aniruddha says:

    Where to write the password after removing sim card and switchind on the cell phone??

  9. Dilip choudhary says:

    my problem is mick ?

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