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How to Reset Nokia Mobile Phone

There can be times when you may need to Reset or Restore or Hard Reset your Nokia GSM Mobile Cell Phone to its original factory setting to solve several problems. Problems that need  “RESET” may include:

  • Your Nokia Mobile Phone Gets or Got Locked.
  • You have forgotten the secret code or password of your Nokia Mobile Phone.
  • You Nokia Mobile Phone gets hanged too often.

How to Reset Nokia Mobile Phone Model 7650

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Reset.
  3. Type the Master Code: *#7979#
  4. Now your Nokia Mobile Cell Phone Model 7650 is Factory Reset.

How to Reset Any Nokia Mobile Cell Phone

  1. Go To Settings and Select Reset or Restore Factory Settings.
  2. Type the Code: 12345
  3. Select OK and you are done.

How to Reset Multimedia Nokia Mobile Phone Handsets that have NO Reset or Restore Factory Settings Option

There are 2 options to Reset Nokia Mobile Phone Handsets:

  1. Soft Formatting Code: *#7370# followed by the Code: 12345
  2. Hard Formatting Code: *#7780# followed by the Code: 12345

Notes: Before Resetting your Nokia Mobile Phone, take following precautions:

  1. Take backup of contact list.
  2. Take backup of all data including photos, videos, documents and any other data.
  3. If any data is stores in the Phone Memory and you reset the mobile phone, all data will get lost.

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