How to Check Parts of a Mobile Phone for Fault

Santosh Das

Santosh Das is an Engineer, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, and electronics manufacturing tools, equipment and consumables. Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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106 Responses

  1. amit says:

    How to confirm Mobile phone pcb is ok

  2. farman says:

    Sir ,How To check Handsfree Interface On Nokia 230 pcb

  3. Ritam Roy says:

    My phone touch screen is passing obstructively what to do ?

  4. AMAN KUMAR says:

    Hello sir my android mobile spice 525q is no service bta rha hai. .how to check contiti. .or kitni contiti honi chahiye. .. plc btaye…thanks

  5. UTECH says:

    help me my phone PC just stopped to power on

  6. Mayur says:

    Is it possible to repair fully shorted mobile?

  7. Shankar says:

    Hi sir mujhe mobile repair Kaise karte hai Sabh Mail me dona

  8. Anas says:

    I havr asus zenfone 5 , it has 2150 mh bettry backup , but actully it does’t work only 2 hrs , although it have to works minimum 6 hrs , but thier bettery not working good , although i changed the charger and its Data cable for fast charging and keep maximum time on bettry time duration . But still not stays for long hrs ? What should i do ?

  9. Maas Safraz Naveed Weerabangsa says:

    I just insert the dc power suppley to a samsung galaxy y phone to check but i just forgot to regulate the voltage for 3.7 and at that time the voltage was 11 so waht may be happend to that phone??

  10. vijay says:

    hi sir

  11. Ali says:

    my mobile flash light is not working i change the led bulb but still not working and usb malfunction jab pc say connect karain gay tu message ata hai usb device is not recognize Please tell me is ko kaisay repair karain gay

  12. Ptarul says:

    my nokia 1100 ringer is not working after first step jumpering

  13. Navod Naveendra says:

    Hello Sir

    My mobile phone is draining its battery really soon.
    I replaced the battery but it didnt make much of a difference.
    I also replaced the charger and the cables.

    According to your knowledge, Do you think its Power IC fault?


    • Santosh Das says:

      I don’t think there is any fault in the power IC. Which Phone are you using? See if the battery is Loose or Not. Also remove unwanted Apps and make proper settings for display, wi-fi, Bluetooth etc.

  14. samuel segun sonayon says:

    i want to apply for a certificate training from you sir, if u don’t mine pls.

  15. Milan Das says:

    Hello sir, can call you ?

  16. MUDIT GUPTA says:

    Hi Santosh, I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G model # SGH-I317 (AT&T model from US) which I had been using for past 5 years. Recently phone fell down and stopped responding. When connected with charger over night no progress is shown on the screen other than Samsung Galaxy Note II message. I recently got it check in open market and some said motherboard is not working, charging IC, is not working,etc. No one have this model component and telling to change with Indian component which is 3G. Now I have decided to self repair my phone. Can you guide me and help in this project to idenfy and rectify what part or component on the circuit board need to be replaced so that this carrier locked phone can become reusable. Thanks in advance.

  17. kishan says:

    Bhai mere pas ampear vala DC he mujhe power ic ya cpu karab he kese pta clega….

  18. mtata says:

    sir i find out power on/of is under voltage what to do.

  19. shaikh sayeed says:

    please let me know various problem solutions of a smart phones and the way to check it through multimeter and PCB it will be very kind of you

  20. ganesh says:

    Repair and maltimitar solution reply

  21. shaikh sayeed says:

    thanx a lot sir I am from Maharashtra Latur dist. Udgir. Generally ICS are not available so from where should we buy and LCDs and touch of good quality c/c mic speakers please suggest

  22. shaikh sayeed says:

    fine sir its great to have you may God bless you . Sir how to learn a chip level work where is your institute and how much fees .please respond .

    • Santosh Das says:

      I had my own institute but in West Bengal but it is closed now because I am too busy with my other projects. I don’t know your location but there are many institutes in India providing Chip Level Training. I will suggest you to visit any Samsung Service Center and talk to the person doing chip level repairing and ask for some good institute in your location.

  23. Meelan says:

    Why Nokia Mobiles short using after DC supply machine. After that mobile short only in Nokia tell me pls. Why happen

  24. wasswaz says:

    Thanks soooooooo much i like you!

  25. shajahan says:

    Hi sir How to identify power ic , network ic etc….. Pls tell me sir

  26. Muideen says:

    tecno y4 is decreasing charging, what is the solution

  27. Anakh Ajayan says:

    Really good site

  28. Right says:

    Thanks.. God bless you

  29. Danny says:

    Got a broken phone and it is probably the Power ic. Now, is it possible to take the Power ic from another used phone (same modell) or is it just a bad idea?
    I just want to make it work so I can recover pictures and stuff. So it does not have to be a “good” fix that make the phone work for a long time.

  30. Asif says:

    Sir ,

    i started learning ,mobile phone repairing ,my question is -if customer brings mobile phone which is not working and he may not knowing the exact problem what are all the things we need to check first ,can u pls. explain me with steps .

  31. Krishnamurthyk says:

    V nice brother

  32. Alan says:

    Thank you very much for all your work, Santosh. It really helps.

    Best regards from Brazil.

  33. Hashmat says:

    sms mein “r” Key kaam nahi kar raha hai

    mi a120 Hai plz help me

  34. subho ghosh says:

    Hello sir any death mobile solution please

  35. saqib says:

    How to check whether a mobile is short or not, by both analog and digital multimeter?
    And i got 2 new mobiles like a month ago but when i check them by connecting opposite colour probs to the opposite colour battery connector of them, the needle of analog multimeter moves slightly and go forward and remain there, i have read that if the needle of analog multimeter moves forward even a little, it means that the mobile is faulty and short, but both of them work fine. When i checked them through dc power supply, there was no sign of any short. So plz clarify?

  36. GHAJINI says:


  37. Mohd. Anish says:


  38. MAHER says:

    HI , Thank you for your help ! How do i know the components name ? for an example : if i have galaxy device and if i want to locate the power IC , how do locate that component ? I will waiting for your response . Thanks mate!

  39. karthikeyan says:

    1)In Multimeter which one is good digital or Analogy
    2)If digital meter first Where can i set the for check ohms

    • karthikeyan says:

      1)In Multimeter which one is good digital or Analogy
      2)If digital meter first Where can i set the for check ohms(In multimeter)
      3)If Analog meter first Where can i set the for check ohms(In multimeter)

  40. Gabal Babaji says:

    Hi sir i like ur site very much.body of my cell phone is short .how can i solve this problem.

  41. Gabal Babaji says:

    Hi sir i like ur site very much.but i have a problem,body is short how can i solve this problem

  42. thaunghtay says:

    thank you

  43. .saeed ahmed says:

    Hi sir where r u?

  44. .saeed ahmed says:

    Aoa Sir very nice l like it. Sir plz send me Iphone like 4 4s 5 5s repairing tips to my this Gmail address plz.

  45. yogendra garg says:

    Sir mujhe mobile ki pcb track check kaise krte fuse coil capcatrs digital mieter me kiase check krte hai video chahiye

  46. jitprakash says:

    jai bigyana…

  47. raheem says:

    Sir how to check series current in tablet

  48. YORDANOS says:


  49. rahul says:

    this is a great site,

  50. H.Murugan (mtrendz) says:

    iam not a technician but i visit this this web page. Now i would like to achive a tech..
    very very thanks to all.this articles very usefull…….

  51. amit says:

    Hi samsung v3303 no network problem

  52. Murphy martins says:

    My blackberry turch1 phone is draining fast the battery., pls what’s your advice.?

  53. amit says:

    My nokia c1 is dead on/off swicht voltag 1.43v how to solv

  54. manoj goyal says:

    Can u explain the cool testing,hot testing,parallel track and series track

  55. Fred says:

    Hi, Great site. My Samsung Galaxy Y. switches on but will not get past opening flash and SAMSUNG letters will not go beyond this and when I press off/on with operation key it just goes back to same. Any ideas.

    • Santosh Das says:

      Reset the phone and check. It the problem is not solved by flashing then you may have to reload the software.

  56. kamal says:

    Iphone 3g heating problem near power control ic, check the capacitor as said beeps ?, battery charging connector on logicboard shows 0.7 v on charger plugged , charging port Ok .pls help

  57. amit says:

    How to solv problem

  58. amit says:

    Tellme. How solv the problem

  59. amit says:

    Yes i reset the phone and other sim check but not ok

  60. amit says:

    My nokia mobile problem
    “Invalid sim” how to problem solv

  61. Sayyed Ismail says:

    Hello thanks for detail this is very help full for me

  62. sanjay says:

    Cant hear callers voice in mobile earpiece ,but can hear in loud speaker what is the problem and how to rectify

  63. Suresh says:


    I have Karbon a21 the power on mother board is OK but no display. I changed the display but still it is blank and the display is getting hot at the bottom. What to do now?

    • Santosh Das says:

      There is some short in the phone. The phone Karbon A21 has faults in its design and manufacturing. This is a common problem in all A21. It is better to get rid of the phone and buy a new one. Any money you spend on its repairing will be waste. Never trust Karbon.

  64. A karthik Srinivas says:

    Very useful tutorials… Thanks a lot…

  65. Roki says:

    My mobile phone is turning off. when headphone jack through 9v dc supply.whats the problem.
    thank !!!

  66. raj says:

    is ur collage in jalandhar punjab state thanks

  67. Sushil Kumar says:

    good site.I like.


  68. safwan says:

    hi ray,

    is there any institute of urs where i can learn mobile repairing course


  69. James Imaga says:

    Hi,I’m highly impressed by your tutorials they’re are top class and easy to understand and moreso highly factual I want to say its one of the best I’ve come across on mobile phone repairing tech.Keep the good work up.Please can you send me some tutorials on mobile phone jumper setting I’ll be very grateful.Thanks.U can use my email to reach me.

  70. Eyayu says:

    Very very thanks it is great knowledge in this site .

  71. yemane says:

    you done it best thanks!!

  72. Raju Jat says:

    I love This site

  73. modou says:

    this offers useful guide to beginners in cellphone repair.we would be glad if the info is more comprehensive. thanks a lot

  74. sanyog salve says:

    Hi sir
    I like this site and i learnt so many things .
    and i m very great full to you.

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