How to Diagnose Mobile Phone Problem – Diagnostic Codes

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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  1. Avatar Wale says:

    Hi, where can someone buy your phone repair equipment tools. Also, can you let me know how to contact you or where to your office address is located in India. Thanks and have a nice day.

  2. Avatar VICTOR says:


  3. Avatar sudha says:


    I am using Nokia – 2 4G LTE with 8GB Memory mobile, unfortunately dropped into water, and tried to remove the battery but heared some vibration sound couple of times, then i was not able to remove battery, then dried in rice bag for 48 hours, but its not working, its not charging also, could you please give me solution for this.

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      You have to disassemble the phone completely and clean the PCB with IPA or Alcohol or Petrol and then apply Liquid Flux and give some hot air. this will solve all problems.

  4. Avatar Ver says:

    How can I bypass the Google account for Tecno N2?

  5. Avatar Toufik06000 says:

    I have a BlackBerry curve 9380 who’s become apparently dead, it can neither turn on nor accept flash (haven’t tried with a box)
    The symptoms are as follow: when you connect it to the charger, a charging icon appears after a while the phone tries to load Os but turns off. I noticed that it heats a little after connecting to a charger for some time.

  6. Avatar Ben says:

    I have a cracked s7 edge screen. My phone’s screen wasn’t working, only the LED lights and blue light at the top of the samsung phone were working. I figured i should wait until the phone’s battery drained, then charge it and it should work. This worked, but the phone restarted and froze multiple times when it was fully charged- alas it still worked and so did the screen. However, while i started to use the phone it completely shutdown on me. This time it’s just a black screen. I have been to repair shops and they are telling me the battery is functioning fine, it’s either the screen or motherboard. WHAT SHALL I DO?

  7. Avatar Manish malviya says:

    Sir my phone full charge battery down in 2hours what is the problam in my lenovo k4 note

  8. Avatar sudheer sachan says:

    dear sir i have use mi5 mobile. this mobile screen light on randomly without any reason. but this problem not show when mobile charge.
    please give me solution.

  9. Avatar zain says:

    sir i have a iphone and i put your secret code that you mentioned above in my iphone then nothing happened so tell me how to check through the code please

  10. Avatar Jaivik says:

    Sir i have hcl me g1 tab whenever i try to run something even of 60 mb it strt to misbehave and freeze as it is until the btry dies and have to chrg it again to on what can i do

  11. Avatar Tariku says:

    my phone screen becomes dark when dialing(out going call)

  12. Avatar christian says:

    Sir I have removed the battery and check the pcb board still cant power on the tab it a china tab

  13. Avatar RAJAN KUMAR says:

    sir i have moto E 2nd generation . he he automatically shutdown few months ago then he will not ON again.
    please help me

  14. Avatar sehgal says:

    sir i have videocon a15 its touch automaticaly select the options . what is a problem.

  15. Avatar uche emeka says:

    plz Mr Santosh i need your whatsapp contact so u can enlighten me on more solutions….i really need your help….

    • Avatar Christian says:

      Pls mr santosh I had a tab that cant power on again after charging trying using dc to check still dnt connect

      • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

        There could be some fault with he Batter Connector. Remove the battery, if possible and clean the 3 copper connectors and check. If the battery cannot be removed then disassemble the tab and clean the connectors.

  16. Avatar Jyoti ranjan sahoo says:

    Dear sir,i am a user of BQ s 40.One day all of a sudden error messege “Unfortunatly,the stoped flashes,then differenr simillar messeges continiously appears.when I attempted to Factory reset/wipe data,it was not work.I attemted it several times. then I had tried to clean eMMC. It also not working .And still that probleme exists.Please mention the kitkat 4.4.2 verson.Now I am not able to Change my pattern lock also,

  17. Avatar satyam mohanty says:

    my samsung galaxy core 2 display is work”s sometime automatic operate, iam very irited, pls give your usuful opinion for reparing.

  18. Avatar emmanuel ben says:

    please sir. I am a young youth an i will like to be a phone repairing wizard in my area. I don’t no how i can communicating with sir. Please sir i do need to learn more. Thanks

  19. Avatar Mushrif says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have galaxy s4 GT-I9500. Airtel 4g sim is not working most of the time being said that once in a while it works and after sometime it will give the message no sim..Is there any way to correct sim is working fine in my phone..
    Thank you

  20. Avatar Eldhose baby says:

    Hi santhosh,

    My name is Eldhose. on regarding of my iphone 6. i heard a noise from inside of my phone. and i opened the phone and release the screen and put it back . but my touch is not working at the moment.

    thank you

  21. Avatar mishyck says:

    i am one of the youth interested in phone repairing. I think this website will help me most to achieve what i wanted.

  22. Avatar Mary says:

    Hello sir. How can I use this codes? Is there a specific app I should download? And if yes I download it to the device I want to check or in any android device. Thank you in advance.

  23. Avatar Mark Flores says:

    Thank you ive learn a lot from plan today is to go school for cellphone repair course.i accepting repairbut not all i repaired.very hard for me.i hope i can learn more and more soon in your website.thank you More Power and God bless

  24. Avatar Mohamed says:

    Thats Great , Thank you for YOUR hard effort

  25. Avatar Nirmal says:

    Hi bro. I have a UBISLATE TAB .Its touch screen is not working. Suggest me some idea

  26. Avatar Steven says:

    Very interesting information on phone repair. As a retired electronics technician I try to keep up with changes in electronics technology. Your site looks like what I want to learn more about, phone repair.

  27. Avatar Dibyaprusty says:

    My phone battery is draining very fast and charging very fast,,,and some times my phone automatically switch off and on many times…..plz suggest some thing….myphone model===intex cloud n12

    • Avatar Geoffrey says:

      Good article put together to assist those like me wishing to know more on phone repairs. What a kind gesture. Thanks and God bless you.

  28. Avatar Nwodo Chidi Paul says:

    I am a phone technician, there is this phone, Gicent T545, I tried to use rework to fix the simcard connector mistakely a lot component near it fell off. I cannot fix it because I don’t know the arrangement. I have been searching google to see the PCB Diagram (Gicent T545). Please help me!

  29. Avatar Tintong Borang says:

    am an unemployed youth and I do beleive that your tutorials will help unemployed youths to earn their livelihood through repairing works.Lots and lots of thanks Santosh Bhai.

  30. Avatar Nawaz says:

    I like to learn cell phones service.your articals tutorials are very usefull.we expect your online support.thank you

  31. Avatar Manish Yadav says:

    I have a Lava IRIS 501 mobile. When i call to anyone or receive a call form my mobile ,the display of the mobile just off so icannot be able to do anything in my phone, but when the call just disconnected the display of the mobile works normally. Please help me

  32. Avatar irshad says:

    huawei diagnostic wich code number

  33. Avatar vishwas says:

    Mobile model-Karboon A101
    My prob is when mo off then it only switch on charging bye laptop or PC…when charge 1% then mo on…after that no charge by any other charger

  34. Avatar Umesh Band says:

    I have a lenovo p780. It recognises the sims but has no network on both the sims. An ‘x’ mark is displayed. I cannot use the phone, Can you help

    • Santosh Das Santosh Das says:

      Please try to insert another SIM or another Network and check. If the problem is still there then clean the SIM Slot with Alcohol and allow the Alcohol to evaporate. Insert the SIM again and check. Also see if there is Network problem in your area. If everything is OK and there is still no Network then there is Hardware problem with the Network IC. The IC Needs to be replaced at Authorized Service Center.

  35. Avatar Sonia says:

    Hi. I have no problem donating to you, but I would like to see some of these codes actually work first. How do I input them

  36. Avatar sanjay says:

    I have Samsung mobile duse 2
    Problame in sim 1 not working so m 2woring proper
    I have formet cell phone but sim 1 not working .sim 1hide plz some solution

    • Santosh Das says:

      Please go through the SIM Management Option and change the required settings.

      • Avatar Vijay Shinde says:

        Hi Santosh Ji,
        I am using Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE. its around 26 month old phone and has suddenly started showing me No Sim Card, Emergency Calls Error. I have tried changing Sim Card Slot but It dint work out. We are unable to find out exact reason of this error. how to do troubleshoot and find out the problem

  37. Avatar Bidyut Kumar says:

    My mobile that is a problems any time power on of

  38. Avatar abel says:

    TIA for ur free information keep going.

  39. Avatar E.Raghu says:

    I have useful

  40. Avatar ANIL says:

    Its amazingly detailed information on this website about repair of mobile phones. Thanks

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