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7 Responses

  1. deepak sharma says:

    hello sir window 10 genuine may miracel box crack nahi chalta hai kya

  2. saroj sharma says:

    Plz help me….i tried to flash a ubislate 7c+x with sp tool and drivers were successfully intsalled first i used download only then it showed( pmt change) then i formated it from sp tool format option..then my tab doesn’t turn on and then it shows enable dram..so i downloaded another firmware then again i flashed with sp tool this time it successfully flashed but my tab doesnt power on..i tried to flash without battery also but it doesn’t worked..then i take a memory test it showed nand not detected.. and its doesnt power on….help me

  3. Dani Damix says:

    Show For Me How To Reload Software In Mobile Cellphone And Circuit Diagram

  4. danaiah says:

    thank u this is help full,now i need little help from u that I want to replace power switch in my lenova a6000 smart phone please give directions

  5. Sara Waterbury says:

    I have a Motorola XT603 cell phone. I think the OS crashed. It won’t turn on. All it does is light up, show the M symbol for Motorola and that’s it until the phone dies. How do I fix it?

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