Card Level Parts of a Mobile Cell Phone

Santosh Das

Santosh Das

Santosh is an Electronics Geek, Blogger, Young Entrepreneur and Founder of this Mobile Phone Repairing Website. Santosh possesses vast experience in the field of electronics, telecommunication, Soldering, SMT, ESD Safety, PCBA Tools & Equipment. Keep visiting for daily dose of Tips and Tutorials.

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  1. Avatar pankaj bangre says:


  2. Avatar Md Irfan says:

    I Md Irfan from Bihar
    Santosh sir
    If i read and watch all ontents and videos of this website
    And after that practice with a good mobile reparing shop
    Then can i learn mobile reparing

  3. Avatar Mahadev says:

    Dear Santosh Sir,

    All the information given by you is very useful and helpful.


  4. Avatar S A Sanath Jayathilaka says:

    Dear Sir, I need study and work phone repairing tools and power supply and checking tools to buying so be kind enough to how can i buying the above details

  5. Avatar S A Sanath Jayathilaka says:

    Dear Sir, I need study what tools and qupment for Phne Repairing mobile

  6. Avatar Ato willie says:

    Thanks tutor Good day

  7. Avatar Aregbe Fidelis says:

    well done! These articles are very helpful, thanks a million. This site is now one of my research world. I love it

  8. Avatar Zarif Azmy says:

    thank you so much, please keep the good work up 🙂

  9. Avatar mohammad says:

    dear friend
    thanks a lot for your attention.i am electronic but there are a lot of things that i learn from you.

  10. Avatar Gajendrapatel says:

    Thank you

  11. Avatar Rupesh Kumar Singh says:

    Good article very useful

  12. Avatar Jonathan says:

    thank you

  13. Avatar kennedy says:

    i like these its realy inspiring and gives me interest to learn more please send me more materials on my email adress.thank you

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